What is Sekai Kyusei Kyo? – Teaching of January

The aim of our spiritual movement is to establish a Paradise on Earth by helping to create and promote a spiritual civilization that will develop alongside our present material civilization.

Paradise on Earth is the phrase I have used to describe a world free from disease, poverty and conflict – a world that has long been the ideal of humanity.  Over the ages, spiritual leaders from various cultures have prophesied the advent of such a world without specifying a time frame for the realization of such ideals.  However, I have become aware of the fact that the moment is close at hand.

It would be extremely fortunate for humanity if Paradise on Earth could be established without any major changes.  The truth is, however, that in order for an ideal world to be realized, the cleansing of the present world must first be accomplished – just as an old house must be razed and the site cleared before a new house can be built.  There will be a number of parts from the old structure that will still be usable and thus be spared, but their selection, of course, is up to God.

To survive, human beings must become useful members of the New Civilization.  By doing so, we can surmount this great change and pass God’s test.  This can only be achieved through faith in God.

We must have become individuals who are qualified to live in a world free from disease, poverty and conflict; we should have attained true health, have overcome poverty, and have become truly peace-loving.

Those who possess these three qualities can be used by God as productive instruments in the New Civilization. I firmly believe that humanity’s ideals are in harmony with God’s Will.

Sekai Kyusei Kyo is endeavoring to help as many people as possible to understand and follow the teachings so that they may become qualified to live in the Age of Light and receive God’s total blessings.


January 25th, 1949


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