Alda Jacinta Luis João – FC Cunene/Angola_ENG

My name is Alda Jacinta Luis João. I am 53 years old. I am a full member since 2007 and give service as the center head of the Johrei center mentioned above.

The testimony of faith that I would like to share with you is related to the special donation of construction and the importance of the dedication of cleaning during the lockdown.

Based on the guidances received from our superiors during this lockdown, after making a cleaning with my neighbours around the house and made the donation of gratitude. Later, while I was channeling Johrei to my grandson, suddenly, I saw something moving inside the bathroom’s door through a small hole. I came closer and realized it was a snake inside the door. I called the neighbors to help me kill it but, we couldn’t and we had to remove the door. So, after kicking the door many times, it went running back to the house. After some meters, the snake was killed. It had a width of about 10cm and was one meter long. Since the house is rented, we had to inform the owner who later appeared with an angry expression saying: “What were you guys thinking? This was simply a thing from nature!”, and left.

On the 25th of June of the current year we were in a meeting with the minister of our area and we listened to the reverend’s speech. He spoke about the testimonies that have happened in Africa. So, I was possessed by my mother’s spirit, who is now in the spiritual world, who said the following:” I just came to say that she has being receiving a lot of blessings. Why isn’t she telling her testimonies? After she made that donation, the family met at her cousin’s funeral and reconciled, as there were people who didn’t speak with one another! Your son, after graduating at the nursing technical school, was unemployed for 9 years. He unsuccessfully applied many times for a public job but, now, he is employed! That snake belonged to the owner of the house. Thanks to that cleaning, the light was increased and she was able to see what was hidden!”

I would like to highlight that since I got into that house I had nightmares of animals chasing me. A woman that lived there previously told me that she had seen a snake before but when she went to kill it the snake was gone.

I learned that to fulfill our mission it will depend if we are following all the guidances given by our superiors and our inner change!

I thank the Supreme God, the Messiah Meishu-Sama and my ancestors for the permission to serve in this wonderful path of salvation!

Thank you very much.


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