Nature Farming principles

The basic principle of Nature Farming is recognizing that the soil is a living being provided with original energy capable of producing vegetable produce without the need of fertilizers. Vivifying the soil means conserving its purity, keeping it free from fertilizers. This way, free of any obstacles, it can manifest its original capacity.

The soil was created to produce enough food to feed humans and animals. For this reason, the earth is already sufficiently fertilized; it could be said that all of it is a fertilizer mass. Owing to their lack of knowledge, humans made the mistake of thinking that fertilizers are what nourish plants. Based on this belief, humans have been using man-made fertilizers and, consequently, disastrously weakening the original energy of the soil.

Chemical fertilizers, although initially showing improvements in food production, in the long run, they pollute the soil, weaken plants, making them vulnerable to pests. As a result, agrochemicals must be used to eliminate pests. This whole process starts a vicious cycle that is harmful to the environment and human health. So, Natural Agriculture aims at recovering the original strength of the soil enabling it to produce truly wholesome food again.

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