Thoughtfulness and Humility – Teaching of October, 2014

The qualities that are most lacking in people today are thoughtfulness and humility.  Those who serve in God’s Work should pay particular attention to this.

There is an easy way to tell how much your spiritual awareness has grown, and to what degree your spiritual body has been purified.  When you find yourself shunning conflict and becoming more thoughtful and humble – and this disposition is reflected in your attitude toward others – it is a sign that your spiritual awareness has been expanded.  Herein lies the value of true faith.  Those who have grown to this level will win the love and respect of others, impressing them as being living examples of their faith.

As we observe the secular community, we see that these qualities of thoughtfulness and humility are greatly lacking.  Wherever we look we notice much unpleasantness being expressed, such as fault-finding, hatred or censure.  Thoughtfulness is particularly lacking among people in general today.  They appear to be interested only in their own benefit; they like to expose the weaknesses of others; they are argumentative; and they do not seem to care if they are disliked.

From this fact we can conclude that permissiveness has gone too far and has reached the point of total self-indulgence.  Worst of all, so many of these people have a special liking for exposing the mistakes and failures of others and rejecting them, and they show very little compassion.

With the increase of individuals like this, society in general is becoming cold and pessimistic.  It seems to me that this is one reason so many more people have committed suicide in recent years.

A truly civilized society is one in which people foster high standards of proper behavior and philanthropic ideals.  When the number of such individuals increases to the point where moral principles are adhered to by society as a whole, a genuinely pleasant world will become a reality.  Such a world can be called a true Paradise on Earth, and it is within our grasp.

Nowadays the tourist industry is being promoted in Japan as one of the most urgent national activities.  It is true that the establishment of material facilities is necessary for this purpose, but it is more important to make a favorable personal impression on those who come to visit.  In order to achieve this, there are three important requirements: thoughtfulness, humility, and cleanliness.  If put into practice, these three qualities will prove to be powerful magnets to attract tourists, and they are without cost.

The most basic requirement for the development of people with these qualities is true faith.  Our organization is striving to help develop this faith in everyone.


October 25th, 1950


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