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My name is Amarildo Luís Nayna and I have been a full member for 4 years. At the moment I give service as a missionary at the Johrei Center of Beira.

Fulfilling the guidance of writing the testimonies that happened due to the basic practices of faith, I would like to share a testimony that is related to taking care of people.

A few weeks ago, I received a member at the Johrei Center who came to tell me her suffering.

She is a member of our church since October of last year but, because of the lockdown due to Covid-19, she decreased her visits and decided to make a business selling fruits. In the beginning everything was running well as she was able to make her donations regularly. But, over time, she stopped doing the donations. Two weeks later she started receiving warnings: half of her products were stolen. With this purification she had to use the amount  she was supposed to pay  her rent to save the business. But while trying to do this, she incurred into  even more losses.

That was when things got tighter: late rent payments and no money to continue the business.

Her friend, seeing the suffering of this member, decided to help her with an amount. However, on the same day that she wanted to go buy the products, her 3-year-old son burned part of his left arm and his back with hot water.

She incurred into more debts. To worsen the situation, the owner of the house in which she lived told her that it was her last month living in that house. According to the owner of the house, strange things were happening and the member’s mother-in-law was a witch.

She had no choice other than accept this as she couldn’t forbid her mother-in-law from visiting the house. The next day she went out looking for a new house and had the permission to find one. However, on the day that she went to clean the place, the owner gave the money back and said that the she couldn’t rent the house as the owner wanted to rehabilitate the property. This situation repeated three more times. The houseowners gave her the money back and cancelled the deal. Therefore, she decided to get in touch with the church to seek for guidance.

I listened to her carefully and we started to reflect about all the practices that she had not followed. The main point was the fact that she stopped thanking God for the money received, as she stopped doing the tithe and the daily donations!

We went to the altar and prayed, placing everything in the hands of God and the Messiah Meishu-Sama. The following day she came to the Johrei Center to thank but, first she told me the dream she had.

She had a dream in which she was in a place with a lot of mud and, as she was leaving that place, she felt like someone was giving her a bath with clean water!

She awakened and thanked for the dream. The member woke up early and went out looking for a house to rent. That was when she received the blessing: in the first house where she knocked, she was successful! Without wasting the opportunity, she paid the rent and is preparing to move to that house. Thank God and the Messiah Meishu-Sama!

With this testimony of faith, I was able to prove, once again, how important it is to focus on the practice of taking care of other people with the goal of making them happy!

I thank the Supreme God and the Messiah Meishu-Sama for the permission to be used as an instrument for the wellbeing of this member!

Thank you!


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