Antônio Salomão – JC Lucapa/Lunda-Norte/Angola_ENG

 My name is Antônio Salomão, 52 years old. I am a member and live in the Rock neighborhood.

I was guided to the World Messianic Church of Angola in 2020 due to the suffering of my twelve years old daughter.

She has been suffering with vomits and stomachache since she was born.

Every time she ate any kind of food; she would end up throwing up everything.

To solve this problem, we went through many paths like hospitals, sangoma houses, some spiritualist churches and saint houses wasting large amounts of money but, without getting any results.

On this state of deep suffering, that Meishu-Sama found me through a workmate, a full member of the Church.

He saw my situation during the state of emergency of covid-19 and guided me to look for the center head’s house.

On the following day, without wasting time, we looked for him. When we got there, we were well received. The center head saw the child’s condition and guided me to participate in the dedication of planting banana trees in the church’s farm of Sambungo. Besides that, when I got there, I should receive Johrei and deepen on the following basic practices of faith:

  • Receive 10 Johrei everyday
  • Keep the flower of light at home
  • Eat natural products.

I started to follow all the guidelines received. On the first day we received Johrei, on our way home, my daughter asked for food! Even though I was afraid she would throw it up, I bought some cakes and she ate without any difficulty, which admired everyone!

With this testimony, I learned that that only God has the power to solve impossible problems!

I participated in the plantation of 10 banana trees in the farm of Sambugo. I am registered and made my donation to receive the Ohikari together with another three family members!

I have a home vegetable plot, I tithe, practice the construction donation and take care of four houses.

I thank the Supreme God and the Messiah Meishu-Sama and my ancestors for the permission to know this wonderful path of salvation!


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