The Founder – Meishu-Sama

Mokichi Okada, whose religious name is Meishu-Sama – Lord of Light, was born on December 23, 1882, in the district of Hashiba, in Tokyo, Japan.

When he was born, his family was very poor. There were five people living in a poor rented house with only two rooms.

As a teenager, Mokichi Okada began to study at the Fine Arts Preparatory School, in Tokyo. Painting was his greatest dream, but due to eye problems, he was not able to follow his dream. His youth was marked by a series of illnesses, such as pleurisy and tuberculosis, and his doctors even said that he was not going to live. So, his enthusiasm for life dwindled day by day, until he decided to start eating a vegetable diet. Miraculously, he was cured.

When he was 20, Mokichi Okada began to show interest in a crafting technique that uses lacquer, called Maki-e. So, later on, when he became an important entrepreneur, he was very successful after creating the Assahi Diamond, used for making hair accessories, which was basically inspired by Maki-e. Around 1916, at 33, his store became one of the best in the industry, with a solid position and much prestige.

However, many difficulties began to arise in his family and professional life, causing him to experience the bitter taste of losing people very dear to him, and having to face bankruptcy.

That is how he started his spiritual journey and became a religious man. Along his religious path, many incidents helped him realize that God had a mission for him.

In 1926, he received a Divine revelation and became fully aware of his mission; he reached a state called Kenshinjitsu. The Kenshinjitsu state can be compared to that of someone who has reached the top of a pyramid. From the top, the person is able to look in all directions and have a wide, encompassing vision of the whole. Thus, the higher the pyramid, the broader the view.

In 1931, he received a revelation on the top of mount Nokogiri, about the transition from the Age of Night to the Age of Light. On this subject, he explained: “The transition from night to day in the Spiritual World will bring about an unprecedented experience for mankind. A huge, amazing, and fearsome occurrence, but at the same time a happy experience is about to take place, and its signs are already visible.”

In 1935, he founded the World Messianic Church. He died on February 10, 1955, leaving behind a great legacy for all Humankind.

His Work evolved from the creation of Johrei, the development of Nature Farming, Ikebana Sangetsu (floral arrangements), and the construction of prototypes of Paradise on Earth in the cities of Hakone and Atami, in Japan. Additionally, he left a series of Teachings that point out the mistakes of the selfish and materialistic culture humans created throughout their history, but that also show the way toward the construction of a new materially and spiritually well-developed culture.

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