Norokie Project

The Norokie Project aims at developing Nature Farming in South Africa. For that purpose, the building of the Norokie Nature Farming School began in the district of Moretele, in the Province of North West, 60 km from the country’s capital, Pretoria. The projects main objectives are food production, teaching the Nature Farming system, and implementation of sustainable practices among the local community.

Two school buildings have already been built on the 9.2-hectar plot of land, and are about to be restructured and enlarged to house a Farming School. In the same area there is also the Norokie Nature Farming Hub, which is already producing natural food, and where practical classes will also take place.

A 90-meter deep well has already been drilled to supply water to the school and the local community.

The school buildings will house teaching programs developed according to the findings of a study carried out among local families to find out their basic needs and include them in the project. As a result, the courses soon to be developed will include:

  • Nature Farming – Sustainable soil management; sustainable practices; and homegrown vegetable gardens;
  • Natural Food – Cooking workshops; food conservation techniques; food agribusiness;
  • Public Healthcare – Hygiene and preventive medicine;
  • Art – Music; theatre; dance; cinema; handicrafts;
  • Education – Languages; remedial school work; adult education; artistic education;

Implementing these actions will make it possible for the local community to attain self-sustainability and to train its members to take their knowledge to neighbor communities.

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