The education of our youth can be considered one of the crucial challenges of our times. As youths tread the paths of life, many are distraught, give up, or have their personal development stunted by the difficulties and constraints imposed by life. We try to raise their self-esteem and increase their awareness of the true meaning of their existence and of their commitment to the Supreme God during their stay here on Earth. We work hard for them to understand their Divine Mission.

Our objective is to guide young adults at the personal and professional levels, encouraging them to participate in volunteer actions, imbuing them with the spiritual gift of serving. Little by little, they become aware that true happiness is not in self-satisfaction, but in fulfilling their mission. This consists in educating spiritual and altruistic leaders by guiding them through the theory and practice of Meishu-Sama´s teachings, combining personal growth with missionary practice so that these youths will turn into individuals capable of leading other individuals along the path of faith. Additionally, our goal is to have these youths experience spirituality and to exercise it by practicing human values like gratitude, altruistic love, friendship and other positive values so that, by creating a more harmonious environment, people around them will feel happier.

Meishu-Sama teaches us that everything that exists is comprised of three basic elements – Sun, Moon, and Earth – and that the birth and growth of all things depend on the energy contained in them. From these three elements, Earth means matter, strength, and actualization. Youths are the driving force inside any organization and the guarantee of their sustainability. Therefore, we created the name: Earth Group.

The structure of the Earth Group consists of young adults divided into several categories that include assistants, helpers, full members, followers, and attendees, not to mention those who have awakened to a sacerdotal career (seminar candidates, pre-seminar students, and seminar students). We have a youth education project in progress. that aims at helping youths to follow their paths in life, providing them with references for a higher lifestyle based on discussions on the origin of man, man’s mission, and respect for the laws of nature. In a nutshell, we wish to allow youths to recover their ability to dream. The program addresses topics concerning family, education, work, relationships, sexuality, combating substance abuse, etc., with the purpose of allowing them to exercise their right to choose and the power of change by means of relationships, love for others, gratitude, and an altruistic spirit.

We are giving continuity to the activities and taking them around the country, to every province where there are youths, and there we develop our social, cultural, and leisure activities.

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