Homegrown Vegetable Garden

Meishu-Sama’s teachings on Nature Farming, as conceived by Him, were not meant only for growers. For this reason, Nidai-Sama encourages everybody who has a small area in their gardens, or even in vases, to practice Nature Farming. This way they will always have fresh and pure food available.

Homegrown Vegetable Gardens based on Nature Farming techniques are a current reality in the homes of more than 30 thousand families, all over Africa. This practice is being disseminated thanks to people being more knowledgeable about consumption of wholesome products and the possibility of picking part of what is consumed from one´s own vegetable garden.

The Homegrown Vegetable Garden practice follows the Nature Farming principle and eliminates the use of chemicals and fertilizers, thus reducing labor and yielding healthier and better quality products. Setting up a homegrown vegetable garden can be done by anybody, in the smallest places, and even people who live in apartments can practice Nature Farming in vases.

The human being who goes against the law of Nature perishes. The human being who lives and functions by following the law of Nature prospers. Therefore, human beings should look up to the Great Nature and try to learn from it.

Meishu Sama

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