The Philosophy of Salvation

In August 1995, in full preparation for the inauguration of the Sacred Soil of Guarapiranga, the most revered Tetsuo Watanabe, then president of IMMB, received in his office, in São Paulo, the English academic Dr. Peter Clarke, an important researcher and professor emeritus of history and sociology of religions at the renowned King’s College of the University of London. On the occasion, the researcher, interested in the Meishu-Sama doctrine and with great admiration for the extraordinary growth of the Church in Brazil, wanted to know the reason for this expansion and asked the most revered Tetsuo Watanabe to define the mission of the World Messianic Church in three minutes. The text below is a synthesis of Messianic philosophy, based on the Teachings of Meishu-Sama, presented by him that day.


“For 3000 years, humanity has deviated from the Law of Nature, ( Law of the Universe ) from God’s Will ( the Truth ).  Compelled by materialism, which denies what it cannot perceive, and egotism which causes him to act according to his own convenience, man has become a prisoner of excessive and inappropriate ambition, destroying the balance of the planet and giving rise to countless problems and great unhappiness to himself and others.

The calamity arising out of failure to obey natural law can be observed in every area of human activity: agriculture, medicine, education, health, arts, politics, economy, and the environment, to name a few.  This situation has reached its limit. If we continue to deviate from natural law, mankind will inevitably destroy itself as well as the planet.

World Messianic Church was founded by Mokichi Okada with the mission to awaken humanity and warn us of this unfortunate reality.  Through its philosophy, it attempts to lighten the grip of materialism and egoism by teaching mankind to believe in the invisible and by demonstrating that spirit and feeling exist not only within human beings, but also within animals, plants, soil and all other inorganic substances.

By doing so, World Messianic Church proclaims the need for humanity to return to the Law of Nature and to live in accordance with the universal principles and God’s Will in order to realize an ideal world.

The development of Nature Farming, the promotion of Johrei and the pursuit of all forms of beauty are practices encouraged by Mokichi Okada.  The mission of  World Messianic Church is to promote the transformation of humanity from an egocentric and materialistic focus to an altruistic and spiritual one, leading all people to live in accord with the Law of Nature, establishing a prototype of paradise on Earth, giving birth to a true civilization.”

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