The Way to Please God

Teaching of June, 2015

The cardinal attitude that an individual with true faith should have is seeking “to do what is pleasing to God.” How can a person please God? Before going into this subject, however, we first need to be aware of the mission of our spiritual group. The mission deals with the approach of the end of the world – the last judgment of which Jesus spoke and the end of Buddhism that Shakyamuni predicted.

God and other divine spirits have shown great mercy in helping as many people as possible safely pass through the great transitional period. How is God going to make this happen? Surely, human beings will be used for this purpose, and God gave me the mission of assisting humanity during this critical time.

Since this gigantic mission is unprecedented, I cannot but think that it is too big for me, just an ordinary, regular person. However, it is none other than the wondrous God that has assigned this task to me, and I have no choice but to accept this assignment. Initially, I was suspicious, and I resisted; but I had no choice. God uses me freely, and I am only God’s instrument.

I was in ecstasy at times, but at other times I felt I was thrust into a bottomless pit. Each time this happened, however, I was impressed with the way God dealt with me, which was so amazing and delicate that I somehow felt extremely happy and grateful. I experienced the most exquisite joy of life, one beyond description. I cannot but feel that nobody else in the world has had such an experience.

So, to return to my original question, how can a person please God? It is most important for an individual with true faith to live in accord with God’s Will, asking within what behavior would best do so. To be in accord with God’s Will, we need to avoid doing things that displease God, but rather, do what pleases God most. Common sense tells us that what displeases God is living contrary to Divine Law by engaging in such behaviors as lying, hurting and causing others to suffer, and harming society. Many people today think only of their own interests and do not care about the fate of others, with their behavior then based on such a selfish way of thinking. This is the worst thing a person can do. You cannot be in accord with God’s Will living in this way.

It is very simple to know whether or not you are living in accord with God’s Will. There are some people who complain about the condition of their health, about their financial difficulties or business troubles. They also complain that they cannot gain the trust of others, or attract people to themselves. They then add that they cannot understand why they must suffer so much when they have faith in God and are doing their best to serve God and humanity.

The reason they are suffering is that something in their way of living or thinking is not in harmony with God’s Will. If God is pleased with the way an individual is living, everything he or she does will go smoothly and many people will be drawn to that person – who will then be blessed with material and financial abundance. Thus, the world will become a very happy place.

Attaining such happiness comes from having true faith. If an individual is making an effort to live in accord with his or her faith and yet has not attained happiness, that person must realize the cause lies within.


May 25th, 1949


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