Paradise on Earth Service is held at Angola’s Central Headquarters

On June 14, the Paradise on Earth Service was held at Angola’s Central Headquarters. The service was officiated by the Vice-President of the World Messianic Church of Angola, Minister Ernestina Olinda dos Prazeres Coimbra, and was attended by 8,833 people.

The Experiences of Faith’s main messages was the importance of actively taking part in the donation campaign for Cacuaco’s Nature Farming School, as well as the importance of altruistic actions. Then, the Minister Afonso Quifuta Pereira, Secretary of Expansion of the World Messianic Church of Angola, talked about the importance of overcoming all barriers – such as fear, shame and so many others -, as a basic condition to fulfill our mission.

Minister Ernestina Coimbra, in her lecture, once again stressed that messianics need to deepen the basic practices of Faith, such as Nature Farming, Johrei and the study of Meishu-Sama’s Teachings.

The Teaching read during the service was “A Pleasant Person”.


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