Absolute Power

Teaching of September, 2015

It is indisputable that the power of God is the source of all activity in the universe. All growth and change are a manifestation of this power, as are the inception and cessation of all action. All living creatures, from human beings to bacteria, are born and die because of this power.

It is the limitless, absolute controller. I could supply endless other examples of this fact, but suffice it to say that the universe itself is, ultimately, power, which I would now like to examine from various viewpoints.

The Chinese character signifying “power” shows how not only the meaning of words but also the way they are written is a product of God’s Will. The character in question is drawn in a manner that demonstrates how action arises through a combination of vertical and horizontal, which then proceeds to revolve with a clockwise circular motion. This is the way power itself works.

Examine this now in terms of actuality. It represents, in the widest sense, the two great principles, or ideologies of the world: spiritualism and materialism, or the spiritualistic and materialistic types of culture. In religious terms – the easiest to understand – these are the cultures of the two great world religions: the eastern, vertical, spiritual culture of Buddhism, and the western, horizontal, physical culture of Christianity. In the past, because they have existed independently, the vertical and horizontal have been unable to manifest true power, as is evidenced by the failure of the world to achieve harmonious unity and save humanity.

The major religions have undeniably had as their goals the realization of an ideal world, but the confusion and deadlock of today’s world shows how far the ideal is from actuality, how remote is its realization. Lack of power is the reason for this state of affairs, and that has come about because the vertical and the horizontal have not been bound together. Of course, this may be a matter of time and might be unavoidable within God’s plan.

In terms of my own mission, Johrei is the central aspect of my activities. As our members know very well, I write the character of “light” on a piece of paper, which, when worn as a focal point, imparts the power to effect relief from serious illnesses and even restore health. I have already written hundreds of thousands of these focal points, but their Johrei and Purification effectiveness remains unchanged, no matter how their number increases. Furthermore, they are effective not only in restoring health but also in improving a person’s mental state and moral character. People are thus averted from potentially very serious crises. Thanks to the innumerable examples of such miracles occurring all the time, more and more people are living in happiness. This is due entirely to the power of the focal points. There can be no doubt about all these miracles, since they are related in testimonials of actual experiences in our periodicals.

Though largely spiritual now, this power will someday manifest itself in physical form. When this occurs, a true culture, born of the conjunction of the spiritual culture of the East and the material culture of the West, will come into being. The birth of such a culture is God’s goal and God’s Will, and is unprecedented in the world.


January 16, 1952


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