Simon Dhlamini

My name is Simon Dhlamini, IMG_6719south african citizen, I live in Atteridgeville.
I met this church in 2009 ie. Seven years ago, while passing in front of the Johrei Centre, i was invited to come in for prayer by a missionary Aly. I told him that I was in a hurry and instead he offered me a flower and a piece of paper with a prayer then called practice of sonen.
When I arrived at home, I tried to read the practice of sonen. It was speaking so much about somebody, whom I did not know called Messiah Meishu-Sama. It was also talking about my ancestors which needed to be guided. All this was new to me, because I only knew Jesus Christ, the son of God. That is when you talk about God, then you must mention the name of Jesus Christ.
Upon finishing to read the practice of sonen, I did not understand the thing and I threw the paper inside the dustbin. After a day, I also threw the flower away.
After two months of great suffering, I decided to come to this church. I had a lot of questions to ask about my life concerning all difficulties I had. I was in great confusion about this earth.
On arriving to church, all my questions were answered by the missionary Aly and Minister Faria whom I met that day. I was also given Johrei prayer of which I felt better after receiving.
I was given the following guidance:
– Receive ten Johrei a day or more
– Doing profound cleaning at my home
– Keeping flower of light where I live
– Do vegetable plot at my place
– Reading the teachings of Meishu-Sama, which I was fond of reading and actually opened the mirror of my mind so much
– Attend all church services
– Do tithe with every money, I receive from anywhere
– Do also daily donations and participate in all dedications in the church
– Have the initiative of saving people and not be self-centered
– Refrain to wrong deeds like lies, ingratitude, worries, hatred and fears, to always pray.
The testimony of faith I would like to share is about the power of Johrei prayer and dedication.
As you all know that, we are busy with the construction of prototype of Paradise at Saulsville, I made a commitment to go every day to dedicate in cleaning and making of vegetable plots. I wake up with the sonen of going to dedicate.
I already taking part in construction of vegetable plots, they look alive and beautiful, people admire them. I also participate in prayers every Wednesday and Friday, we do march of Johrei.
As you all know, that I already divorced with my wife, and we are in process of selling the house, each has to get 50% on it. I searched for a buyer for a long time until I got one. I told about the price of the house and she agreed. I then told my wife about the offer of which she refused, and wanted a higher price, also refused to sign papers for the purchase of the house. I became so furious and angry, I did not know what to do. I even decided to go and approach her with anger.
First I decided to speak to Min. Tuta about it, and Minister told me to be calm because all this is a spiritual thing. It has to be solved spiritually and not physically. Everything starts in the spiritual world, he said. He guided me to dedicate more and do prayers more than before of which I did.
After two days, I was calm and I decided to go to her home. I explained everything about the purchase price and she understood, agreed to go and sign for the deal. I was then very happy and made my prayer to God and Messiah Meishu-Sama with donation of gratitude.
The vegetables also from the plots I am dedicating has already grown and people already started to eat from them.
With this testimony, I have learnt that God and Messiah Meishu-Sama is truly alive within us. We have to put everything in God´s hands, no matter how difficult or big the problem is, we must never take things in our own hands.
My commitment is to serve God in whatever manner I can be usefull to Him in Constructing Paradise on Earth.
I would like to thank all Ministers, full members and members who are always with me through this journey. Who walk with me even when my spirit is down. Who put a smile on my face when I sometimes feel like crying. Not forgetting God my creator and Messiah Meishu-Sama.
I thank you all.

Pretoria, 30th may, 2017


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