Badanile Rebecca Mdoka

My name is Badanile Rebecca Mdoka, IMG_7625I am 40 years old and I have been a full member for 5 years.
I was guided to this church by Missionary Willeminah Modiegi Mashilo, in front of the Johrei Center, as she offered me a philosophy of Mokichi Okada.
The problems that brought me to this church were sleepless nights filled with bad dreams, financial problems, conflict with my grandmother that lasted for 18 years, stomach ulcer that lasted for eight year, I couldn’t eat, every time when I put something in my stomach I could feel the pain inside my stomach, I couldn’t even drink water. I could manage small portions. At a time, I lost so much weight and people used to ask me if I was sick because I looked so thin. I was taking medication every day by then. We were having a medical aid and it even got exhausted there was no funds for me to use because in a week I could go twice to see the doctor, until the doctor decided that I should go for an operation and he also told me that if I do this operation I must know that the ulcer can still come back, should I fail to follow the correct diet. I started worrying because financially we were not ok. I have explained all my sufferings to the Minister then he gave me the following guidance:
* Increase Johrei to 30 per day,
*Do the practice of sonen on a daily basis,
*Do the profound reflexion,
*Do my daily donation of gratitude and tithe,
*Start doing the donation for the altar,
*Keep flowers of light where I stay,
*Guide people to receive Johrei,
*Do my vegetables plot dedicate in Norokie,
*And attend the service.
I did my best to come to the church every day and follow the guidance patiently and the purification became better.

I was purifying in my house, the tap outside stoped working and it was difficult for me to water my vegetable plot. My vegetable plot became very dry and I was very weak to attend it, I didn’t have strength to work on it.
Minister asked  me to renew my garden and I told him that my tap was not working and it will be difficult to water it, but Minister kept on telling me that we need to renew my garden and make it bigger, he told me that I have a big space but I couldn’t see any space in my yard I was wondering how it will be extended.
One day it was a Saturday I had a dream, On the dream I was with Minister Tuta in my house and on I saw him fixing my tap and the water was coming out. I shared this dream with Minister and he told me that we need to extend my garden even though the water is not coming and he told me that it is not just the tap but there is a spiritual side on it. Upon hearing that I told Minister that he can come on Monday with the Missionaries so we can extend my garden though in my heart I wondered how I was going to water, I felt a stress of taking water from inside with a bucket, with me that was going to take a lot of time to water the garden.
On Sunday after the dedication in Saulsville, I went home and when I reach home I found that my husband fixed the tap and it was working. On Monday we managed to make the garden and to my surprise the garden is so big I started to see that I had a lot of space.
On Wednesday this week the electricity went off, and my husband went to buy electricity but it refused to go, we couldn’t load it, so in the morning I went to the municipality to report the matter and they told me that it was not blocked they will send someone to go to my house and fix the metre box.
I stayed the whole day and nobody went to my house, late afternoon I went to enquire again at the Municipality and they told me that according to their system it shows that my problem was attended and it was solved but when I called my home I was told that there is still no electricity.
At the municipality they gave me a number that I should send a message so they could attend my problem, it was late at night I was on the taxi, I took out my phone and send another message to the municipality after that got off the taxi. Just as I was about to cross the road suddenly a car appreared and it was from a different direction the only thing I remember was that the car stopped just close to me, I don’t know where it came from at that moment I became so confused because I could see that it was about to hit me and it stopped right close to me, I continued crossing the road surprisingly the car couldn’t move, it stopped for some few minutes and I just left. I didn’t feel like talking to the driver, I decided to continue my journey and as I looked back it was still where I left it, I continued until I reach my home.
When I reach home, I found that there was still no electricity and I looked for my phone so I could send an sms again but the phone was no where to be found that’s when I realised that my phone was gone. I made a prayer and the donation to thank for the protection I received and for the phone that got lost. I was greatful to God that it was better the phone than my life because that car could have hit me.
Few minutes after the prayer I had a knock at my gate, and it was the Municipality people, it was almost 8 pm and they managed to fix the box the same night. Thank God and Messiah Meishu-Sama my light was  back.
On the same night I found that there was an electricity bill that came during the day as I was opening it I was shocked to see that they didn’t charge me Water and the sanitation even the Vat. I was really suprised. I remebered the first testimony when Minister Cristiaano came to renew my garden and made it bigger by that time I didn’t have water for about 1 year and after they extended my garden I received a blessing, water started coming out of my tap even though by that time I was still owing the municipality.
Through this testimony of faith I have learnt that, we should do our best to fulfill the guidance and stop complaining and making excuses instead we should carry on the guidance and leave everything to God because the moment I took the decision that Minister can come and extend my garden even though I had the problem with the tap, my husband managed to fix it and now the garden is big and looks more beautiful and I enjoy spending time in my garden. Now I have so much strength, when I start working in my garden I don’t feel like stopping and my mother in-law is now enjoying sitting outside and just look at the garden and appreciate the way the plants are growing.
My committment is to continue spreading more and more vegetable Plots and to be
a useful instrument of God to save humanity.
I would like to thank God, Messiah Meishu-Sama and my Ancestors and everyone who participated in making my garden bigger.



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