MOA Museum of Art Reopening Ceremony

Kyoshu-sama’s Message
MOA Museum of Art Reopening Ceremony
Main Lobby, MOA Museum of Art
February 3, 2017

Congratulations, everyone, on today’s reopening of the MOA Museum of Art.

With renovation work having advanced without interruption, we held a special prayer at the Divine Light Sanctuary in Hakone the day before yesterday, to report to God and Meishu-sama the completion of the renovation. Today, we held another prayer at the Holy Sanctuary in Atami and subsequently, right now in this beautifully renovated lobby, I am truly happy that we are able to celebrate the museum’s reopening with this commemoration ceremony.

Beginning first with contemporary artist, Mr. Hiroshi Sugimoto, architect Mr. Tomoyuki Sakakida and all those responsible at the New Material Research Laboratory (NMRL): in order to bring to life our founder Meishu-sama’s vision and sense of beauty and to enable us to take in the true beauty of the displayed pieces, they gave their utmost effort in this renovation design, particularly the design of the exhibition space.

Based on that design, everyone at Takenaka Corporation carried out construction work that met our expectations, just as their corporate message says, “Dreams into Reality for a Sustainable Future.”

And everyone at Yamashita PM Consultants, who carried out this renovation in an appropriate and smooth manner, put in considerable effort throughout the entire construction process.

And here, for today’s reopening, to everyone, who earnestly took part in construction and business operations, I give my most heartily thanks to you.

Tomorrow is Risshun, the first day of spring.

Our founder, Meishu-sama, regarded the first day of spring as a day marking a great turning point. We usher in the beginning of spring with a renewed museum.

I believe that Meishu-sama is delighted about this more than anyone else. Nidai-sama and Sandai-sama must also be very happy.

And just like the pioneers, there must be no greater joy, no greater encouragement for the many members who sincerely follow and look up to Meishu-sama, who protect, support and cultivate Meishu-sama’s art pieces and museum behind the scenes and offer their sincere contribution.

At the opening of the Hakone Museum of Art in 1952, Meishu-sama addressed his guests with the following greeting:

I am Mokichi Okada, spiritual leader of Meshiya Kyo (Church of Messiah). I deeply appreciate your responding to our invitation today, taking time from your busy schedules.

Later, he continues:
Indeed, it is an undeniable fact that religion has been the parent of all arts—painting, sculpture, and music.
This relationship between religion and art gradually became weaker and weaker until today, in our modern age, they have been almost completely separated. Moreover, the influence of modern science has contributed to this tendency and we now hear many people speak of the stagnation of religion. It is my belief that religion and art should advance together, like the two wheels of a cart.

In short, he declared that art does not come to be without God.

I strongly wish for those who visit the newly renovated art museum to not only experience joy by coming into contact with beautiful works of art, but to ultimately encounter God through them. I hope that this museum will be a place where visitors, through enjoying art, may come to an awakening that God is behind all artworks, that He is the One who created them and that He is the Creator of all.

Thank you.


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