Roselina Belwana

My name is Roselina Belwana, 28870918_2091305777553906_6737885268797292544_nI am 80 years old from Soweto/Naledi ext.1, I am a full member of Johrei Center in Protea North.
The testimony of faith that I would like to share today with everyone, is about my donation of the Kannon.
At first when I heard about the Kannon, I wanted nothing to connect me with it because I could not understand the purpose of the Kannon.
On one Sunday Service, missionary Hélio testified about himself and spoke about the Kannon. How the Kannon changed his life to the almost best and it gave me a clear understanding of which, why full members have the Kannon in the house.
The very same sunday, Minister Cristiano said:

We should start donating with any amount that we willing to donate with.

I donated with 20 Rands from that day on I made a goal, that I will always donate any amount I have for my Kannon.
It was very challenging and difficult to always donate for my Kannon as you can all see. I am very old and I depend on Grant. I kept praying and praying so that a can have strength to carry on with my donation to receive the Kannon.
I Suffered through this journey, but I never gave up, because it was my mission to receive my very own Kannon. It is a blessing to have completed my journey without negative thoughts.
What I have learned is that when Ministers and Missionaries give testimony of faiths we should listen and take everything they say seriously so that our ways can be paved with light when one has doubts it´s the devil trying to discourage us from channeling the right path.
Have faith, pray on a daily base and they shall be a (light) upon your life without a doubt.


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