Nothando Constance Mvumvu

My name is Nothando Constance Mvumvu, I am 49 years old and a South African Citizen. I am currently staying in Saulsville. I have  been a member for 2 months now.

One day as I was sitting outside in my house, I saw missionaries giving flowers,one of the missionary entered my house and she asked me if they could give me a prayer then I agreed after the prayer she gave me flowers and explained how the flowers could change the enviroment in my house and bring  the Light of God.

I agreed to receive the prayer and the flowers because at that moment I was facing a lot of problems, In 2015, it was the 18th of July my daughter had a car accident and she got injured, she stayed two weeks in the hospital because her bones in both legs cracked and they had to put some screws in her bones, I had to leave my house in Eastern Cape to come and look after her.

I experienced financial difficulties since my husband was the only person who was working and his income couldn’t cover all the debts that we were having. My son who is 28 years was working and he was not helping the family, we didn’t even know where his money was going because every time after he got paid he would dissapear and come home broke, we would have to struggle to give him money for transport to go to work. He started drinking a lot and he didn’t even want to listen to us. His behaviour changed to the worse until he lost his job, he was fired because he would stay away from work because of alcohol, up to now he still not working.

My daughter also after her matric started struggling to get a job, she studied mechanic at high school but she couldn’t complete because of some of the subjects that she needed to re-write so she could proceed with her mechanical engineering studies and his lawyer who was helping him with the claim for the road accident funds disapeared.

After I have told the missionary about my problems,  I was simply guided to receive Johrei and come for the dedication in the stand and continue to keep flowers at home.

A week after  the first visit in my house, receiving the first Johrei and the flowers, I received the following blessings:

  • After 2 years of unemployment I received a permanent Job.
  • My daughter who was also struggling to get a job received a permission to do her practicals and she also receives financial support to assist her with transport. It came as a huge relief because I don’t have to worry about her anymore; she is able to take care of herself with the money that she receives.
  • My son who constantly refuse to receive Johrei also started receiving Johrei.
  • My daughter started to dedicate at the stand in Saulsville and last week she received a call from her lawyer and he told us that he is now ready to proceed with her case and he is preparing for my daughter to start seeing a specialist for her injuries, we were really surprised because we lost hope on this case.
  • It’s been two years now since I stopped going to church, I lost so much spiritual strength, I couldn’t even pray anymore but since I met this church even though I didn’t really know much about Johrei, I felt strengthened it really awakened me and brought me close to God.
  • Last week Saturday I also received a visit from the missionaries who came to plant flowers in my house. I went inside to ask my son to receive Johrei and he refused, while we were busy planting flowers I saw him coming out and he agreed to receive Johrei, he agreed that the missionary can come every day in our home and give him Johrei for 30 days. I was very happy to see him receiving Johrei because I believe that Johrei will also awake him to the power of God.

I have learnt that God is powerful, and I should give service to God and trust in him no matter how hard is the situation.

I would like to continue to receive Johrei, learn more about this church and continue giving service to God and save other people.

I would also like to thank God and the Messiah Meishu-Sama and all my Ancestors for the permission to know this church.

To all Ministers, Full Members and Members Thank you very much for your patience and support you have given me.

To all the Messianic Family who show me love thank you  very much.


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