Teaching of the Month – April 2019


            God’s Plan is working out in a very unique way. It may be called a divine drama in which we of this age are all participants. Without realizing this we shall be at a loss to know how to interpret the momentous happening of our times and to understand that, as reconstruction advances, destruction also increases.

            In any drama there are virtuous characters and wicked ones. Nearly always the virtuous are harassed by wicked but after they have been mercilessly tormented for a long time, the play usually ends with the good victorious. This is a happy finale. God’s divine drama, cosmically ordained and now unfolding on the world stage, seems to follow a similar pattern. The present cyclic change is of inconceivable magnitude. If we but will, we can be intelligent observers as well as participants. Our appreciation of this unprecedented happening will be in proportion to our enlightenment and capacity to understand.

            As the New Age advances, and the spirit of fire increases, sickness, or purification, will also increase.

            More and more calamities such as war and natural catastrophes may occur, until the world will experience a time of terror. Generally speaking, our members may play the part of onlookers in scenes of war. But in scenes of sickness they will have active roles. To play a role serving humanity is far better than to play in scenes of violence and destruction.

            The law of life demands that we live our lives constructively. We are in the dawn of Daylight Age. As it advances and the spirit of fire becomes more intense the baptism by fire will increase correspondingly; that is the purifying power of the Light will become stronger. According to the law of affinity as the unseen spiritual realm undergo intense purification those in the physical realm whose spiritual bodies are excessively clouded will find it difficult to endure the stepped up purifying frequencies. Only those sufficiently cleansed may survive. Some of our members also may have difficulty during the time of great purification. Therefore, we must endeavor to be prepared spiritually and physically if we are to pass through it with comparative ease.

            This great cosmic drama has been referred to as the “Last Judgment”. Our planet is the stage on which the breath taking performance is being enacted. So great a drama could not be experienced at any other time. The conflict between good and evil is developing in a very complicated manner until at last evil will be vanquished.

There are more wicked actors than good actors, and those who play the wicked parts are really to be pitied. The great Love of God will save as many as possible, however, by working through the sincere channels of His Divine Light. Our members feel called to serve as these channels.


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