THE SPIRIT of fire increases as the Age of Light advances.  It is a purifying spiritual energy which influences the physical side of life in proportion to its intensity.

Reports from members refer to the fact that when receiving Johrei they often feel an emanation of heat and sometimes perspire.  This shows that the Light, though spiritual, does affect us physically.  The increase in spiritual fire affects all phases of life in one way or another.

A startling effect on crops is seen in the increase of insects that manifest to consume plant toxins.  Farmers, not realizing this, use more and more kinds of chemical fertilizers, which in turn give rise to more and more toxins and noxious insects.  Different types of insects appear as different chemical fertilizers are used.  Farmers, to combat these apparent pests, then use poisonous insecticides, which give rise to insects of a more vicious nature.  This tendency is increasing with every year.  It is similar to the increase in the variety and number of human diseases as more and stronger drugs are used.

By a law of nature, noxious germs or insects appear spontaneously as plants absorb the fertilizers that are toxic to them.  According to the same law, the toxins must be eliminated.  To accomplish this, nature relies on their being consumed.  Thus, the insects serve nature’s purpose.  However, they not only ingest the toxins but parts of the plants as well, and the plants then weaken or die.

The physical world is governed by self-regulatory laws.  Wherever questionable or harmful matter accumulates, a corrective activity automatically strives to eliminate it.  Therefore, when human beings upset the balance of nature with manufactured chemicals, purifying activities occur according to natural law.

During the Age of Night the purifying power was weak, and that is why chemicals were temporarily effective.  But now that the spirit of fire is increasing, purification acts more quickly and with greater severity.

Let us consider the meaning of floods.  The soil impurities caused by chemical fertilizers and insecticides naturally result in a cleansing action on the part of nature, in an effort to wash away these impurities.  Because of the ever-increasing chemical pollution, we shall experience more frequent floods and other unprecedented happenings.  The fundamental principle of this applies to everything.

Disease also comes under this principle.  The ingestion of substances foreign to the body increases toxins; then, by further using unnatural chemicals and poisons to suppress the conditions so caused, they become the cause of still more and worse toxins, calling for even more severe purifications.

Germs arise to help eliminate the impurities accumulated within our bloodstream.  This year (1952), Japan had a considerable increase in certain diseases, the death rate from encephalitis alone being twelve times higher than last year.

Similar behavioral cycles occur within society.  Wicked people appear because of the accumulation of clouds created by negative social conditions.  Society’s mistakes cause its aggregate spiritual body to become clouded over.  The existence of wicked people is a logical consequence of the misuse of spiritual laws.  The torments and sufferings they cause constitute a form of purification.

Their activities increase the clouds, however, which results in still more wicked people.  As long as there is social decay in general, there will be this vicious cycle of conditions producing wrong-doers, who themselves cause more terrible people to appear.

During the Age of Night, evil was hidden by darkness because the Light was weak.  But now, as we enter the Age of Light and the spiritual fire becomes more and more intense, attempts at concealment will lose their effectiveness.  All dishonesty, vice, and other moral or legal transgressions will gradually be revealed, just as all toxins will be dissolved and eliminated.  The entire world will then realize that the only way to attain a true and happy society is to rely on the Light of God for spiritual elevation and the elimination of negative conditions.


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