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My name is Maria de Lurdes dos Santos Viana. I live in Ponta Mina, São Tome and Principe. I have been a full member for 14 years and give service in the program section.

The testimony of faith that I would like to share with you is related to the practice of the guidances and the practice of donation of construction .

At the end of last year, in one of my dreams, I was told to double the amount of the construction donation. After reflecting about the dream, I decided to put in practice this guidance, as I thought it could save my ancestors. From that moment on, I began practicing this regularly, up to this day.

With the coronavirus pandemic and the measures the government has implemented to fight it (Social distancing and a lockdown), my family started spending more time at home. We started to focus on the guidance received from the reverend during his visit to São Tome in January of this year. With the prayers, march of Johrei and reading of the teachings I was blessed with the following miracles:

1-  For decades my family and I faced an unbearable smell coming from a pig farm in a neighbors place. We slept with the bad smell, woke up with the bad smell, ate with the bad smell and so on! People who visited us wondered where the smell came from and only stayed for a short period of time.

Even with the prayers and donations to thank God and the Messiah Meishu-Sama  for this purification, the smell only got worse every day.

I gained the permission to pilgrimage to the Sacred Grounds of Brazil once and twice to the headquarters of Africa. When I gave service in these places of greater light, I mentalized the bad smell and invited the ancestors that were manifesting themselves through this purification so we could give service together. But when we returned, the situation only got worse. I got to the point of telling people that the only way out of that problem was for me to leave the place, because it was never going to stop.

This was a blessing in disguise!

With the monetary dedication doubling, which I was guided to do in my dream, together with the march of Johrei and the prayer at the house for a week, the smell was completely gone!! Worried with the spread of Coronavirus, I told my family:” Look, I think I have covid-19 !” My husband shockingly replied:” Corona?!! How do you know you have corona? I replied:” It’s been a week since I have not felt the smell from the pig farm and one of the symptoms of coronavirus is loss of smelling!” He in turn said:” You didn’t know? They removed all the pigs from the farm!” Shocked, I answered: “They are done with the pig farm?” I looked up and said:” Thank God! I thought that this would never end. Thank God, the Messiah Meishu-Sama  and all the ancestors that manifested themselves and received light!”

I have been materializing my gratitude for years now, but the smell only got worse. However, after I doubled the amount of the construction donation, the miracle happened!

2—My husband had a very complicated problem and, no matter how hard he tried to solve it, it wouldn’t work. This made his life a living hell. He barely received Johrei or participated in the prayers at home but, due to this issue and to the will of God and the Messiah Meishu-Sama , he awakened. He started participating in the prayers and march of Johrei at home and, one week later, he found a solution. After recognizing the miracle, he said:” In this Church of yours, if a problem isn’t solved there, it means it will never be anywhere else ! ”. He thanked for the miracle and got very happy!

I learned that, even without understanding, we should put in practice the guidances received. I feel that these testimonies have strengthened my  belief about the importance of the donation of construction and in the practice of a faith that connects us to Meishu-Sama .

I thank God and the Messiah Meishu-Sama  for the permission  they granted me to participate in this wonderful path of salvation, together with my ancestors!

Thank you very much!


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