José Amadeu Nhavene – Maxaquene JC – Mozambique

My name is José Amadeu Nhavene, I am 68 years old and have been  a full member since July of 2019. I give service at the Johrei Center as an assistant of the moon group as well as the reading of the programs.

The testimony of faith that I would like to share with you is related with the importance of giving service at the Johrei Center and following the guidance received by our superiors. 

I purchased a piece of land since 1995, in Boane at the Matchume neighbourhood with the purpose of decreasing the conflicts between my children. They didn’t have a good relationship with my new wife. Many times they said: “You and your wife killed our mother to put us on the street!”

This situation lasted for a long time. One day I was guided to start my duty at the Johrei Center during 30 days. While following this guidance the conflicts increased a lot. I talked to the centerhead who guided me to continue and to make a construction donation to receive the Kannon. I thanked for the guidance.

 Before the end of the 30 days, I gained the permission of getting a piece job. However, when I received the money from the job, I thought about the worries that I had at home and used the money to buy construction material before tithing. But, after 2 weeks there was a bad weather and all the roof of the house fell down.

I thanked for the purification and  the next day I went to the Johrei Center to do my tithe and the construction donation and ask for forgiveness for my ingratitude!

After correcting my sonen, the blessings did not wait to come. I gained the permission of concluding my house, to where I will soon move together with my wife! Thank God and Messiah Meishu Sama, the house  I live today, I will give to my children as a gift!

With this testimony of faith, I learned that we have to follow the guidelines received by our superiors as Meishu Sama is behind them! I learned about the importance of giving service at the Johrei Center.

 I am registered, have a natural home vegetable garden and am putting an effort of creating my own net of salvation!

I thank God, Messiah Meishu-Sama  and my ancestors for the permission of knowing this wonderful path of salvation!

Thank you!


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