Maximina Zola – CA Maculusso – Luanda/Angola_ENG

My name is Maximina Luísa Rosa Zola. I am 44 years old, a missionary and  give service as the Head of the Net of Salvation of Maculusso.

I was guided to the church on the 29th of June of 2003 through Mr. João Manuel Neto, a full member of the church.

The testimony of faith that I now share with you is related to the importance of the practice of the donation of gratitude and taking care of people.

In February of the current year, I received a call from my daughter who has a scholarship in the Republic of Cuba, to point out that she hadn’t been receiving her scholarship subsidy for four months. So, I remembered a testimony that the Center Head shared with me about the daily donation.

Then, I got in touch with the Center Head to inform him about the difficulties my daughter was facing. He guided me to materialise a donation of gratitude and I did so on the 6th of February.

Three days later, she called to tell me that her friend, a bank employee, offered to lend her some money to cover her needs. A few weeks later, her scholarship subsidy for one month was deposited. Thank God and Meishu-Sama, despite the economic and financial purification that the Republic of Cuba is facing, she hasn’t been going through great difficulties.

In the week that the lockdown started, I purified with strong headaches, pains throughout my body and high fevers. I gave myself Johrei and received assistance from my brother. After the fourth day, I gained strength and started doing the cleaning at home. I felt better after  finished it.  In May, I made the decision to do the cleaning  at my mother’s house along with the flower workshop  with the sonen of thanking for the permission to be her daughter. Three days after this, my period, which hadn’t come for two months, started.

In may I made the cleaning at my sister’s house for three days with the flower workshop and we did the vegetable garden. She awakened to the importance of the flower and is making the Ikebanas at her workplace. After  the first week  of practicing this, the conflict at her workplace accelerated but, thanks to this practice, now the environment is calmer.

In the end of June, I made the decision to materialise a donation of construction of the Headquarters of Africa in the name of a member that I take care of. On the following day, at about 6pm, I received a call from him and he told me that he wasn’t feeling well and couldn’t take it anymore. “I’m going to die!” he said. I went to the altar to thank for the purification. I made the decision to give him religious assistance – a night vigil. His condition improved significantly. Two days later, his purification accelerated. We went to the Headquarters to thank for the purification. When we got back home, we decided to work on the vegetable garden. Thank God, this dedication contributed a lot for his recovery.

A member who was pregnant couldn’t eat and was weak. By seeing her condition, I was very worried so I started giving religious assistance. I guided her husband to materialise the donation of gratitude and he did so. However, the situation worsened and she couldn’t keep food in. I guided her husband to make the Sorei-Saishi of the lineages and of the abortions. After a week, his wife’s condition improved. Each day that passes by is a victory.

On the 7th of July I called my cousin to ask about her state of mind. I invited her to pray and at the end she said that she had strong headaches.

On the following day I called her again. Her voice was odd and I asked how she was. She said that she spent the whole night with vomits and diarrhoea. I guided her to materialise a donation of gratitude to thank for the purification. I asked for help from the brothers that live in her neighbourhood and she has been receiving religious assistance. Ever since that day, we have been praying every day at 9pm with her family.

In April a friend contacted me to tell that her  nephews, of three and one year old, were born with a deficiency in their legs. This was diagnosed in March. As a result of the lockdown, the doctors advised them to go home due to a lack of conditions to do the surgery!

We thanked for the purification and materialised a donation of construction of the Headquarters of Africa. I placed their names in the altar and I pray every day during the 6am challenge. On the 21st of July, I received a call from my friend who said: “Your prayers are having an effect! My nephews won’t be operated anymore!”

I invited my daughter’s classmate to pray in conjunction via WhatsApp. The next day she called me, frightened, saying that she had a big argument with the classmate and didn’t know the reason for it. Hours later I called again to ask how they were doing and I remembered that the prayer generated light. Hence, that which was hidden was purified, as God was cleaning all the impurities.

What I have learned

With all these practices I became more peaceful, tolerant and balanced, placing all my personal matters in second place.

My sincere thanks to God and Meishu-Sama for the permission to give service in the Divine Work and to be used as an instrument to take the basic practices to other people!

To all, who directly or indirectly have contributed to my spiritual growth, my sincere gratitude!


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