Márcio Basílio – Matola 700 JC – Mozambique

My name is Márcio Pedro Basílio , I am a full member and give service as Head of the Johrei Center.

I met Church in July 2004 through Sister Ana Paula Matusse. The reasons that led me to the Church were the conjugal conflicts that were overcome with the fulfillment of the basic practices of the faith.

The testimony of Faith I would like to share is related to taking the basic practices of Faith to the school of my daughter.

Like any parent, the desire is to always enroll their child in the best school, but in this case it was not. I talked to my wife and convinced her to enroll our daughter near the Johrei Center, so that I could take care of her. This did not please my wife very much, as I had already taken steps to enroll the girl in another school. I convinced her and she accepted, but the School had many problems. On weekends the school was always vandalized and left in bad conditions, many things were stolen like electrical wires and chairs. We enrolled our daughter in that school. Classes started, she had a room with desks and chairs, she had a very patient teacher and soon my daughter stood out in the room because of her grades. A class meeting was arranged and I said to my wife: “I want to act as a classroom helper! “ and gladly i was chosen.

As a classroom helper I made regular visits to the school during the week, chatted with the teachers and learned about the situation of the children. In a classroom of sixty children, ten had a good performance, twenty reasonable and thirty were having difficulties. The teacher always complained about this situation and I encouraged her to be more patient with the students and that the situation would change.

One day, I received a call from the teacher telling me that a boy, António, while playing with matches, burned his house. He no longer had clothes, notebooks and the family lost everything. All the parents got together and offered some clothes, books and notebooks. The teacher asked me to pray for the boy and family and so I did.  After class he goes to the Johrei Center to receive johrei and later started coming with colleagues and friends.

We scheduled a intense cleaning at the school. To our surprise  the school was very dirty. We cleaned, put flowers in all the rooms and planted trees. Months later, a group went there again to dedicate.

Last year, the school board called me asking me to participate in a meeting with the School Council, which I accepted and learned that someone who was once a student at that School, gathered donors and parents for rehabilitation of the School. At the meeting the Director introduced me to the Council saying : I invited him to attend the meeting due to the commitment that the institution to which he is connected (referring to the Church), came twice to clean our school. Thank you!

A renowned environmentalist, created a program that teaches children about eco-friendly garbage disposal. This environmentalist gathered donors who went to the school and promised to restore bathrooms and water plumbing.

As the school was preparing to start classes after the state of emergency, a donor donated hygiene materials and prevention measures. Others gathered material that could enable the School to function normally without noticeable problems.

During the pandemic, the School was not able to pay cleaning staff and they were dismissed. As a result, the Director invited all teachers to clean the School themselves.

Our next step is to set up a Natural farming garden with flowers.

With this testimony of faith I learned in order to change the world, we must first change ourselves.

I thank the Supreme God and the Messiah Meishu Sama, for allowing me to be used as His Instrument in the construction of Earthly Paradise, bringing love to various homes and people.


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