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My name is Laurindo Bambi da Silva. I am a minister of our Church and currently give service as the head of expansion in the province of Kwanza Sul.

I met the Church on the 27th of September 2005, guided by my brother-in-law, Mister Caposso Neto, to whom I am deeply grateful.

The reasons that brought me to the Church were: disease, conflicts in my workplace and financial difficulties. To solve my problems, I went to public and private hospitals, sangomas and churches, and never got better. It was amidst this suffering that my brother-in-law invited me to try to receive Johrei, and in less than two months I started noticing improvement. To thank that blessing I became a full member in November of that same year.

The testimony of faith I would like to share with you is related to the importance of the special donation of gratitude for the construction of the Sacred Grounds of Africa and how we should react to the purifications that come with giving service and to deepen the receiving of Johrei.

Due to the economic crisis that is affecting our country, I saw the construction of my own house stopping and the dream of having my own place was postponed. Then, I decided to sell my car with the goal of finishing the construction of my house. However, with no explanation, clients would show interest but never bought it. So, I decreased the price, but it was still difficult. I decided not to sell it anymore and just continue the same way as I had started the construction. September last year it started to increase my desire to thank Meishu-Sama for the permission of being serving as His instrument for the past 15 years.

So, I saw in the WhatsApp group of ministers that the fencing pillars of our Sacred Grounds had arrived. I got extremely happy. Upon sharing the news with the Centerhead , she also got happy.

From that moment on, my desire to participate increased. I announced the selling of the car again, a client showed interest and so, I sold it. On the day that he made the payment, my wife, who takes care of the construction, was on her way to the construction site, to meet with the masters of the construction. As soon as I made the transfer in the account of the Construction of the Sacred Grounds, my wife arrived in the site and was surprised with the fact that two thousand bricks had been stolen from the place! I should add that these bricks and even more had been in the construction site for over five years.

After my wife told me, I asked her to thank for the purification! Even though she did not understand, she thanked with me.

Currently, the only reason we are not going forward with the construction is due to the fact that my oldest daughter will get married in June and all our expenses are aimed at the preparation for the wedding. Right after the wedding, we plan to finish the construction.

The following week, I started feeling strong pain in my back. I have been feeling this pain for a few years now, but this time they came stronger, to the point that I was unable to do my normal activities. It started to increase and reached the point of spending my nights awake. I was very desperate due to the severe purifications, so I took the opportunity to ask for guidance to my superior, Min. Faria.

Upon arriving in Lobito City, I got a call from our dear president, Reverend Claudio Pinheiro, who immediately asked how I was doing. I explained everything to him in detail and he asked me if I was receiving Johrei and if it was every day. I replied that I was receiving Johrei, but not every day and for about 30 minutes. Reverend Claudio told me that I should receive every day, for at least one hour, pay attention to my diet and study the teachings of Meishu-Sama daily.

As I had already booked an appointment , I went to the hospital. The doctor told me I had an abscess called lipoma. According to him, it was located on a very delicate area, so the surgery was necessary. He still suggested that I should go see a surgeon. I followed the advice from the doctor and after the surgeon examined me, he said I had the same thing as the first doctor said and that the surgery was indeed imperative. I decided to go on with the surgery and went to find out the price. They told me I needed 621 thousand Kwanzas. Since it would be impossible to have that amount, I went back home and continued to receive Johrei.

After a month receiving Johrei, I started to slowly feel better. Two weeks later I was completely recovered, until today. I went back to my activities with the intensity they demand and I also went back to the gym. Sundays afternoon I even go for a 12 kilometers run with the kids and  have no problem.

We are back with the expansion work in the small towns and also the construction of the Johrei Centers in Gabela, Seles and Porto-amboim.

We were having difficulty in acquiring the monetary values for the rehabilitation of the Formation Center, but we are currently able to continue the construction. Even the guy who used to rob the Johrei Center robbed a business and the owner put the police after him. He ran away and until today we don’t know where he is.

I would like to thank Meishu-Sama for granting me the permission to serve in the divine work as His instrument in the construction of  Paradise on Earth!

I would like to thank Reverend Claudio that even with his busy schedule,  always took his time and worried about my health. To my superior, Min. Faria, thank you for taking care of me.

My commitment is to continue to participate in the construction of the Sacred Grounds and with my testimonies, contribute actively to awaken the youth in the dream of having the first Sacred Grounds in Africa!

To all those who listened to my testimony of faith, my sincere gratitude!


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