Especial Ancestors’Service-June 30,2021

Especial Ancestors’ Service

Greetings from the President of the World Messianic Church of Africa

Reverend Claudio Cristiano Leal Pinheiro

June 30,2021

Good morning everyone!

Is Meishu-Sama really the path? (Reference to the choir just before the reverend entered)


Are you sure?


Thank God and the Messiah Meishu-Sama!

How are you today?

Did you enjoy the testimony of faith from sister Luciana? Another round of applause to her, please. Thank you very much for sharing your testimony of faith with us, I was deeply touched when I read it for the first time. It seems like a simple thing, but unfortunately, today, very few people can do what she did. To realize that her sister was not well. To worry about someone other than ourselves.

To think “Well, she is not well, there is something that isn’t right about her! “. Together with the other members they went to her house to do the spiritual cleansing, the flower workshop, the march of Johrei. This ability of placing myself in somebody else’s shoes, to worry about other people’s happiness is what opens the way to the Construction of Paradise on earth. Her testimony of faith also shows us how it is essential for all of us to be part of the salvation network. The salvation network is one taking care of the other, supporting each other, and together practicing the faith. Overcoming obstacles. Like I always say to you: “You cannot build your faith alone!”.

When you are building your faith, you are taking care of other people and you are being taken care of. Many times, we are facing a serious problem, we think that it does not have a solution, that it is the end of the world but when a friendly hand comes to us, with love and tells us “There are simple things that you are not practicing on your daily life”. Meishu-Sama says “Everything that is true is simple. The truth is simple! “. When it starts to get complicated, it is moving away from the truth. Truth is simple! Basic practices that Meishu-Sama left us through the teachings are supposed to be done with joy, easiness on our daily basis.

Even when we are facing a problem at home, as I always say, how is the cleansing at home? Do a profound cleaning. Asking Meishu-Sama that the dirt you physically clean may clean your feelings as well. ‘Oh reverend my family does not want to help me clean our house! ’. Then, start alone.  Do it by yourself to serve your family. Ask “Meishu-Sama, please, use me to make this cleaning”.  After the cleaning, remove everything from inside your home, clean the edges. Throw stuff away, offer to other people. Organize your house and do your reflection “Does my house have flowers?

Now I have the cleaning done, but do I have flowers? Are the flowers part of my daily life? Do I have the vegetable plot? Am I taking care of it? At home, do I pray for other people and for the world? At least once a day do I pray with my family to thank for the blessings received? To thank the protections received? To thank that we are well? To thank for the purifications? Does my family pray for people we know are facing difficulties? Are we praying for humanity during this hard phase?

Praying to God to bless all the families in the world?” Those are simple things for us to add in our daily lives along with reading the teachings. In this environment, let us channel Johrei at home. Let us channel and receive Johrei. We cannot only channel Johrei when there is a problem at home, otherwise we are saying that Johrei is only to solve problems, only to heal diseases. Johrei has a much broader meaning! Johrei has come to construct paradise, starting from each one of us. Channeling and receiving Johrei in our daily lives.

Being used by the Supreme God to expand His light, to participate in this Construction of Paradise on earth, in this salvation of humanity. So, the testimony she shared with us today, when she said that a person cannot be happy without deepening in what is basic in our Messianic faith. What is the foundation to improve each day starting from our home? The teaching we heard today, it will be done according to your Sonen, gratitude creates more gratitude. Doing those practices, not to solve problems but to thank God that I am alive, that my family is well. Thanking that I have a job; with this feeling!

Meishu-Sama said that as the Day light age approaches, with the increase in the element of fire, the spiritual world becomes clearer and the force of SONEN and the spirit of words become stronger. The feeling with which we do things is what connects us to heaven or hell. That’s why we must always sow this feeling of gratitude and materialize in what we do at home, at our work place, outside our home, at Church, etc. Sometimes when we talk about materializing the gratitude the person thinks are a mere act of making the donation. I also materialize my gratitude at home in how I do the things to serve my family. While cleaning, in the kitchen, in helping with home activities. Simple things take us to great results. The accumulation of these practices in our daily life is what qualifies us even more as true inhabitants of paradise.

Next Saturday and Sunday the monthly service of gratitude will be held here in our headquarters, at 10:00am, Angolan time. I would like to count with the presence of all of you! Please, let’s invite as many people as possible. Full members, members, people we are taking care of so that we can be together here on Saturday and Sunday, receiving strength and this great light from the vibration of our monthly service of gratitude. Those who cannot come due to lockdown regulations, please participate online to receive this vibration and praying with us. Receiving Johrei and strength so that we can accomplish our mission in his month of July. Tomorrow, the 1st of July, will be the monthly service of gratitude in our general headquarters in Atami, Japan. It is very early in the morning, 3am in Angolan time but those who can participate so we can pray together with our world president and receive Johrei from him.  Tomorrow starts another month in this year. We have passed half of the year. Today, the first half of the year is closed. Tomorrow we enter into the second semester.

Once again, thank you very much and I wish a good march of Johrei to all of you and we will be together in our monthly service of gratitude!

Thank you, very much and good mission!


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