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My name is Carmelinda De Sousa Will Assunção, I have been a full member of the church for 21 years and give service in the Moon Group. The reason that led me to know this wonderful path of salvation was illness. I suffered from an allergy for two months, spent large sums of money but didn’t heal this sickness. At the Church, I was guided to try the basic practices of the Messianic faith and had no difficulty to do it. After a week of dedication, my problem was solved. To thank God and Meishu-Sama I became a full member to better serve in the Divine Work!

The testimony of faith I would like to share with you is related to the daily practice of donation of gratitude.

One day I was allowed to attend a seminar at the Headquarters of the World Messianic Church of Africa where they discussed the importance of daily donation of gratitude. What caught my attention the most was when the speaker referred to food. He said: “The same way we eat here in the material world, in the spiritual world our ancestors also eat!”. With this explanation, I understood more deeply the importance of materializing the daily donation of gratitude.

From that day on, I started materializing my gratitude with this Sonen of offering daily food to my ancestors. With that, I set a daily donation goal. I must emphasize that there were days when I only had the money to materialize the donation, without, however, having any extra to buy food. However, at the end of the day I could get the amount for the meal as well. Still, my nephew got angry saying that I needed to reduce the amount of donation. I didn’t listen to his words and continued with my practice which had the following result: my nephew’s grandfather from his maternal side dreamed of my brother who is in the spiritual world. He appeared before him well dressed and handsome. Indignant, he asked my brother: “How is it possible that you are so well dressed and looking good if you have already died?”. The spirit replied: “If you see me so beautiful, it is thanks to the daily donation my sister has been doing! This donation has reached the head of the family, who shares it with all of us here in the spiritual world!”.

When I realized this dream, I gained more conviction and strength to persist with the practice. My nephew, listening to the story, apologized for his attitude. Through this practice, I have not had financial difficulties, despite the financial crisis our country is going through. Previously I depended solely on my business outside of Angola. However, I had the permission to open a commercial establishment in Luanda that has had a lot of income!

I clearly learned about Meishu-Sama’s teaching which explains that what happens in the material world is a reflection of the spiritual world. I reflected that if there is hunger at my home, it is because my ancestors are hungry in the spiritual world!

My commitment is to continue this practice, with the sonen of participating in the Construction of Paradise on Earth, through the construction of places that save a greater number of people!

I thank God, Messiah Meishu-Sama and to everyone who listened attentively to my testimony of faith, my sincere gratitude!


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