Jacinta Vieira – Tchinguari JC – Luanda

My name is Jacinta Joaquim Vieira. I am a full member and  give service as an assistant of the Moon Group.

I was guided to the World Messianic Church of Angola in 2006 through a missionary from the church. The reasons of my contact with the faith were: illnesses, poverty and conflicts.

In relation to the disease, I suffered from high blood pressure, severe headaches and lung infection I mean, my whole body felt sore, making it impossible for me to walk for three years. I attended renowned hospitals and clinics, but had no success in solving this problem.

One day, annoyed by so many injections and medications, I ran away from the hospital and began to regret a lot, because I couldn’t bear so much suffering anymore. At night, in a dream, I heard voices, but couldn’t see anyone, and they said: “Look, you have to look for a church… Look, you have to look for a church…”. When I woke up, scared, I started to pray that God could show me the right church. I went back to sleep and was told to enter into any church.

Very early in the morning, a sister came knocking on the door with a flower of light in her hand! She greeted me and said: “It’s been a while since they’ve been pressing me in my dreams to come to you! Right now, let’s go to the Johrei Center!” I replied that I couldn’t because I couldn’t walk! Insistently, she said to me, “Let’s go to the church! God will help us!”

We prayed at home and then walked slowly to the Johrei Center. At the Johrei Center, I was received by the missionary in charge who, after listening attentively, guided me as follows:

Receive 10 Johrei per day                              

Keep the flower of light at home

Dedicate cleaning the hall of worship and  the Bathroom

Guide people to the Church

I fulfilled the guidelines without difficulties. After a week, I, who had spent three years walking with the help of a cane, dropped my canes and started walking normally! The following month, feeling already better, I started doing my business!

With these wonderful  blessings received from God and Meishu-Sama, in the third month of attendance, I materialized the donation to receive the Ohikari and became a member to better serve in the Divine Work!

The experience of faith I would like to share with you is related to the ingratitude and admonishment of the ancestors.

After some time after the blessings received, I settled down, not wanting to know more about the dedications! I managed to buy a land and moved to another neighborhood, resulting in more relaxation in the church activities.

However, at a certain point, I began to experience strange reactions arising from bad dreams with death threats. In the family, many people began to die, causing constant meetings to be held in order to find out why so many misfortunes were happening! Without success, many preferred to seek out sangomas to solve the problems.

Still, in a dream, I was warned for the following: “Do not go to places that belong to evil, otherwise you will come here too!”. For lack of knowledge, I ignored this warning and insisted on looking for dark houses and because of this, my children were often ill.

It was a period of great suffering because the bad dreams continued to take away my peace of mind, not letting me sleep peacefully and much less understand the reason for this situation, not even remembering the first dream that led me to discover the Church!

With no other way, with no other resources to survive, I was forced to leave my home and live with my brother. In another dream, they indicated the Bom Jesus Farm as the place of my salvation!

With all these warnings, I saw the need to renew my commitment! So, together with my centerhead, I started to participate in marches to visit the members’ houses, clean them and the streets, do the shift and guide others to our church.

In the fulfillment of these guidelines, I had the following results:

The bad dreams disappeared, the illnesses that constantly plagued my children were overcome and one of my children who was unemployed is now working!

There was one attendee who was seriously ill and couldn’t stand up for a long time. I was instructed to take care of her with prayer, flower of light workshop and cleaning of her house for a week. The lady improved considerably. So,  she made a special donation to thank for the blessings received!

With this experience of faith, I learned that when we fulfill the superior guidelines, even without understanding, the doors open to the path of happiness!

My commitment is to take care of other people’s sufferings!

I thank God, Messiah Meishu-Sama and my Ancestors for allowing me to know this wonderful path of salvation!


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