Greetings, Morning Service – 06/07/2021

Greetings, Morning Service – 06/07/2021

Headquarters of the World Messianic Church of Africa

Reverend Claudio Cristiano Leal Pinheiro

Good morning everyone!

Are you all having a good time?

Welcome to our Headquarters of the World Messianic Church of Africa!

Did you like the testimonies of faith? Another round of applause for him, please.

Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful testimony of faith with us.

It is very interesting, when he starts talking about the dream, he had with someone who wanted to harm him, kill him. And he already wanted to question the person about it. When we have such a dream, we cannot judge anyone, nor criticize. We never know everything. “I had a dream”, then give thanks, make a donation of gratitude and continue your dedication. Because Meishu-Sama always protects who is useful to God, who is useful in the construction of Paradise on Earth and in the salvation of humanity. We need to gain this confidence.

By being useful to God, our spiritual clouds are removed and what was often supposed to be a tragedy just becomes a bad dream, a nightmare, Meishu-Sama says that. But when we dream, and we start thinking that we saw someone wants to harm us, and we start cultivating hatred in our hearts, we open the path for something negative to happen to us. So, understanding this, he did what? He simply followed the guidance.

Be grateful, dedicate and be helpful. Because, the cause of everything that happens to us is inside of ourselves. When we start understanding this, we stop judging, criticizing, thinking that so-and-so is guilty of our unhappiness. We see that I change my fate through serving others, by making them happy.

His testimony of faith leads us to reflection and also confirms once again that the strength for the construction of Paradise on Earth increases every day. As we see the miracles he has reported with the flowers of light we can see how much suffering is still in the world, homes, and institutions. People don’t know why they suffer! Who sleeps well every night has no idea what it is like to spend years without being able to sleep properly? It is a hell.

We Messianics complain about things, but we fail to thank for simple things. If you are able to have a well-rested night, sleeping and waking up well! This is a miracle. And often people with money, with a good house, with everything, no matter what treatments they do, they cannot sleep well. Simple things. But it is priceless.

After the flower of light entered these houses, the transformation in the fate of these families began. That is why all of us that already know Meishu-Sama really need to leave the faith that aims to solve the problems and center ourselves in a faith that aims to participate in the construction of Paradise on Earth and the salvation of Humanity by taking the flower of light, taking the Johrei, taking nature farming, and the teachings of Meishu-Sama to as many people as possible.

The time has come for the world to know that the Messiah Meishu-sama has already arrived, to save Humanity from disease, poverty, conflict and to construct homes of light. Homes that will increasingly be blessed with health, prosperity and peace.

We, who have already received blessings, who have already received the Ohikari, our duty now is to share this with as many people as possible. To gain confidence. For each person you guide to the church, also follow them up. See that if, we are really following what Meishu-Sama says, it is possible to change the fate of the person, the family, the world. Then we will cultivate a faith that really connects us to the Supreme God and Messiah Meishu-Sama.

We will continue this effort, in flower of light distributions, in ikebana workshops at homes, introducing this to families, channeling Johrei, and helping each family to create a vegetable garden in their homes. This is essential, so that we can overcome this difficult phase that our planet is going through.

Once again, thank you very much. Good morning and good dedication at our Headquarters!

Thank you all!


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