Greetings – August 02, 2021

Good morning everybody! Are you doing well?

Thank you very much, and welcome to our Headquarters of Africa!

First, I would like to thank everyone for the Monthly Service, which was held this weekend, on Saturday and Sunday, alluding to the Nature Farming pillar of salvation. Congratulations to everyone for the Service, for the strength we received to be able to carry out our activities during the month of August.

Thanks to Sister Telma from Benguela, for this beautiful testimony of faith.  It is a great example of the practice of Nature Farming at our home, because as Meishu-Sama said, a human being is saved and seeks for self-improvement. Then, his home is also saved it improves. So, this expands to society. One of the main points for our personal improvement is through the practice of Nature Farming and change our eating habits.

We heard from the testimony, how our sister’s family began to change, in terms of health, behavior, vision of life and of the world. Her children have been brought up with this respect for nature, with this intimacy with nature. So, since childhood, they are already receiving a permission, to receive Johrei and to have a healthier eating culture that is changing their destiny. It is creating a healthier fate because it is already building a stronger immune system from childhood through a healthier diet.

The Teaching we heard today, Meishu-Sama talks about reincarnation, showing that there is life after death, there is continuity. It means that where we were born, what family we came from, who we relate to, is related to what we did in previous lives. So, when we talk about Johrei, nature farming, natural food, personal improvement, this is all part of our evolution towards eternity. Whatever we sow, sooner or later we reap. So, it is important for us to have this vision, based on Meishu-Sama’s Teachings, and to know that this construction of Paradise is possible, starting within us, and, the next step is at our home. That’s why this practice of nature farming and natural food, starting from our family, is so important, changing our fate with this procedure.  I wish you a good day and a good week!

Thank you very much!


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