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I am a follower giving service at the Johrei Center Zona Verde. I was guided by my daughters, who are also followers of the church.

Curiosity was the reason that led me to find out about the church, though at the time I had issues in my marriage, lack of spiritual peace, financial difficulties and my husband was ill.

One day, my eleven-year-old daughters, walking past the church, were offered flowers of light and were invited to receive Johrei. They accepted and when they got home their father asked them where the flowers had come from. They said that they had received it from a church. Their father was surprised by the church’s attitude because my daughters are can pickers and were very dirty. He thought that dirty people were not allowed inside a church.

On Sunday, my daughters returned to the church, watched the Sunday service and enjoyed it a lot. Since their fat

her had been sick with stomach pains for two weeks, they asked for someone to go to our house to give Johrei to him. So, the missionary asked for my husband’s contact details so he could receive religious assistance.

Arriving at my house, they made a prayer, flower workshop and march of Johrei for one hour. With this, my husband recovered completely! Happy with the result, he called the missionary to thank her and she invited him to participate of the Sunday service. After the service, he was interviewed by the minister who patiently listened to him, guiding my husband to receive at least ten Johrei per day and to do the basic practices of faith. We also accepted the challenge to pray from six to seven in the morning, in preparation for the Paradise on Earth Service. He participated for the first time in the challenge and, in that same afternoon he received a call from his former boss, who hadn’t called him in three years. The man asked him to  return to the company in order to work there again.

This situation made me very happy and the will to go to the church grew stronger in me. So, I followed the minister’s guidance and started following the basic practices of faith.

In 2018, I had a son with a birth-defect: his lower limbs were complete, but with no bones. I was very sad because a decision was made to amputate his lower limbs. At that point, I went to hospitals to get a better answer but was unsuccessful. This is

because I was unemployed and everywhere I went, they asked for money.

Two months later, I went back to the hospital with my son and his lower limbs were amputated. I went to other hospitals to try to get a prosthesis, but, since I was unemployed, I couldn’t afford it.

I started to give service daily with the earth group, going from house to house and I turned my dedication into my job. With the practice of thanking Meishu-Sama, I received an amount to start a business and made a special donation for the blessing received. After this, I got a job taking care of my neighbour’s son.

A march of Johrei, flower workshop and prayer took place in my house. After this visit from the missionary, someone saw my disabled son and offered assistance. This person asked to take a picture of my son, because she knew an association that would be able to help him. I accepted and gave her my contact details.

The next day, I received a call from the association and they donated a wheelchair, clothes and even a prosthesis for my son to walk, thank God and the Messiah Meishu Sama! My son and my daughters are very happy because it was very tiring to carry him everywhere, but today the wheelchair makes everything easier!

Today my daughters are not can pickers anymore, they walk around clean and they help me with my business. To express my gratitude, I made my donation of gratitude and right now I am preparing to receive the Ohikari and become a  member to better serve the Divine Work!

With this testimony of faith, I learned that Meishu-Sama is the Saviour of humanity!

I thank God and the Messiah Meishu-Sama for the permission of knowing this path of salvation, together with my ancestors!

Thank you very much!


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