CriançÁfrica (Children program)

The reality of African children reflects the urgency for individuals, communities, governmental, non-governmental, and international organizations to take action and promote mobilization in several spheres.

Food, hygiene, education, and children healthcare are the guiding pillars of our Church’s projects. All of them are part of an action program called CriançÁfrica.

The activities developed are in line with some Messianic Church basic practices, like Johrei, Homegrown Vegetable Garden, and Beauty.

Owing to Johrei, children become more aware of their human nature – spiritual, mental, and physical. Johrei, as the practice of good and altruism, passes on human values like love and gratitude to the children.

Through the teachings of Meishu-Sama, children receive guidance on matters such as behavior and interpersonal relations, the importance of family, and good citizenship principles.

By practicing Homegrown Vegetable Garden techniques, children receive “live” education, that is, learning from examples provided by nature. They learn to respect natural resources such as soil, water, plants and, naturally, to live in harmony with fellow human beings.

Thanks to eating Natural Food, children are not only saved from malnutrition, but can also experience the real taste of food. They notice improvement in their health and their natural recovery power. As a result, they have more stamina, better disposition to help their families, and see improvement in their school performance.

By experiencing Beauty, first on a personal, individual level, children learn how to nurture positive feelings such as gratitude, compassion, cooperation, sincerity, and how to prevent negative feelings like jealousy, hate, vengeance, envy, anger, and others, from invading their hearts. They also develop good hygiene and organization habits, and environmental cleanliness. At the conviviality level, children learn how to behave better towards their families, friends and school colleagues.

These activities are carried out weekly, preferably on Sundays, and classes are taught in every religious unit. There is also a religious teaching program for children who are just being initiated in the Messianic faith.

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