Services and Prayers

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Wonderful results can be experienced through prayer.


Prayer is one of the best ways for humans to connect with God; while we offer Him sincere prayer, God is always near, protecting us. This is another reason why at the World Messianic Church, in addition to Morning and Evening Services, there are Monthly and Special Services.

Prayer is man´s treasure, the absolute power that triumphs over the demons that inhabit our hearts. With prayer and practice, we can change our lives freely.


Monthly Gratitude Service

The Monthly Gratitude Service is the month´s starting point, the time we meet God to thank Him, to reflect, and to renew our feelings about the month that lies ahead. This Service is held at Sacred Grounds, Central Headquarters, and Johrei Centers.

New Year and Church Foundation Service

Held on the first day of the year, it is a service to think about the year gone by, the graces received, the improvements experienced, and to make our new resolutions for the year that lies ahead. In this service we communicate our plans to God, we ask Him for His protection, and renew our commitment to the Divine Work. Still in this service, we celebrate the foundation of the World Messianic Church, on January 1st, 1935.

Paradise on Earth Service

In the early morning hours of June 15, 1931, Meishu-Sama and a group of followers went to the top of Mount Nokogiri, in the province of Chiba, Japan. Then, at daybreak, facing the sun, he sang the Amatsu-Norito prayer, whose spiritually uplifting words have the power to purify both Heaven and Earth.

Just then, Meishu-Sama received the revelation that a huge change was about to begin: the Transition from the Age of Night to the Age of Light. Thus, Meishu-Sama teaches us that every year, as of that date, the Spiritual World becomes ever brighter and the materialization of Paradise on Earth is nearer.

Therefore, the Paradise on Earth Service, held on June 15, is one of the most important services of the World Messianic Church. It is a day when Messianics renew the awareness of their mission to contribute to Paradise on Earth and to the salvation of as many people as possible.

Annual Ancestors’ Service

There is still another determining factor: whether survivors hold memorial services, earnestly and with love, for the spirit of the departed. Moreover, the intensity with which survivors and descendants help others, work for the welfare of society and the nation, and accumulate virtue, accelerates the purification of ancestors.


According to Meishu-Sama, we embody the totality of all of our ancestors. This means that they are still alive in the Spiritual World and are constantly influencing us, and that their happiness directly affects our happiness. So, during the Annual Ancestors’ Service – held on November 2, in Africa, and on July 1, in Japan – we pay homage to our ancestors and offer them our love and gratitude.

Meishu-Sama´s Birthday Celebration Service

Meishu-Sama was born on December 23, 1882, the day following the winter solstice, in the northern hemisphere, when days begin to get longer. According to Nidai-Sama, this means that Meishu-Sama was born to bring Light to the world.

During the Meishu-Sama Birthday Celebration Service, we pray for the Light He spreads from the Spiritual World to be poured on all humankind. This is also the day when we think about Meishu-Sama´s views, and altruistic nature, which serve as examples for our personal growth.


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