What is the Day of Judgment? – Teaching of March

Jesus warned humanity about a time of great tribulation to come, but did not mention when it would occur or in what way it would transpire. It has been an enigma through the centuries. What it might be is particularly important for me to discuss now, because God has revealed to me that its time is nearing.

The phrase “Day of Judgment” is often associated with Christianity. According to our teachings this is the period when the Age of Night changes into the Age of Day. During it a great, worldwide purification will take place. The change has already begun and is increasing in intensity. It is being made in three steps: first, it was started in the innermost part of the spiritual realm; second, it was then projected to the spiritual world at large; third, it is now being reflected in the physical plane. When this step is fully completed, the world will be transformed into the new era of Light. The change is gradual, of course, but every day it is inevitably moving forward, step by step.

As the spiritual world becomes brighter, purification will become more severe and simultaneously the effects of Johrei will be more pronounced. Our members can tell by comparison with previous Johrei practice that already people are responding more quickly to Johrei, and that the results are greater than they were in the very beginning of our activities.

Human society and the world in general will change more noticeably as the purification becomes more severe.

According to the governing spiritual law, those who are not pure in spirit will gradually weaken while those who are will thrive, in proportion to the extent of purification in the spiritual realm. Good and evil will finally be clearly defined, and no one will be able to resist the power of Nature as the Light grows in intensity.

With the force of the spirit of fire on the increase, Light will flood all darkened areas and everything previously kept hidden or secret will be revealed. The degree of spiritual purification and physical stamina will determine survival during this important turn of events. Individuals who have accumulated too many clouds on the spiritual body or have too many toxins in the physical body will not be able to endure the power of the Light. The Day of Judgment will indeed be terrible for these, but others can anticipate its completion with joy.

From now on, we cannot be at ease unless we purify ourselves enough to withstand the increasing intensity of the Light. We must realize that the purpose of our Johrei movement is not the healing of the physical body in itself.

The purpose is to remove the clouds from the spiritual body by use of the Divine Light, sent through the Love of God to make us ready for this trying time.


January 20th, 1950


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