Why our organization is unique – Teaching of April

The mission of our movement is to help all those who are in a state of suffering to be raised to a state of bliss, thereby changing this entire world into paradise.

In order to lead others to paradise, you must first be elevated enough to be a resident in paradise; only then can you easily help others to rise.  This is like setting up a ladder that reaches from the ground to the sky and holding out a helping hand so others may climb it rung by rung.

It is in this area that our organization is so different from most other spiritual groups.  From ancient times, many spiritual people were generally content with the lowest living conditions – the barest of necessities for clothes and food.  While living a fairly uncomfortable life, they strove to save others from a state of suffering.  This was like using a ladder incorrectly; that is, they were trying to save others by pushing them up the rungs, so to speak.  You can imagine how much harder it would be to push people up from below than to pull them up from above.

In the old days, however, this could not be helped; it was not yet time for paradise to be established on earth.  The time was premature, because the spiritual world itself was in a state of darkness.  But since 1931, the Age of Light has been advancing in the spiritual realm and it is daily becoming brighter, making it easier for this world to be changed to a paradise.

It is God, not humanity, who does this work, which will advance more and more as time goes on.  Our responsibility is to act as God wishes.  It is God who plans, supervises and freely uses many human beings accordingly.  So, I believe it is correct to say that I am working here as God’s “general contractor” on this great Project, and that it is as a part of it I am now constructing prototypes of Paradise on Earth.

Certain experiences occur for this reason.  For example, a man may appear unexpectedly and tell me he has a piece of land that he wants to sell in a location to which I have never given thought.  So I say to myself, buying the land must be God’s Will.  Somehow the amount of money needed to buy it then comes along without my exerting too much effort.  The most suitable architect and contractor, and the required material, then also appear without fail.  A person suddenly may bring a tree for the garden and there is always just the right place for it.  Sometimes scores of trees are brought all at once, and for a while I am at a loss as to what to do with them.  But, remembering it is God Who is doing this, I begin to have them planted one after the other, carefully keeping an eye on the entire effect.  I find they are arranged in exactly the right quantities, neither too many nor too few, and that not one tree is ever out of place.

Each time this sort of experience occurs, it is impossible for me not to see how everything is being carried out by God.  When the thought comes to me that I need a tree or rock of a certain kind for a particular spot in the garden, that very one somehow appears in a day or two.  If this is not a miracle, what else can a miracle be?

There seems to be no end to the things I could write about.  I am relating as much as I need to for now to make sure you clearly realize that our Work is being carried out by God, not by us, and that it is in accord with God’s Plan we serve.

When we think about these things, it becomes very clear that it is God’s Will to make a prototype as the first step in establishing a worldwide paradise.

But, making a prototype of paradise is not enough.  Each person must become a model resident of paradise, and the time has now come when all of us can.  Not only individuals themselves but their entire families and homes can become examples of Paradise on Earth, and all of them can lead paradise-like lives.  Only in this way can we help all those who have been suffering, to achieve a state of bliss.

This is why I always encourage our members to make their living environment as pleasant as possible, one free from suffering.  It is because that is in accord with God’s wish for us.  Unless we are freed from the three great miseries of disease, poverty and conflict, we cannot truly help others.

This was impossible during the Age of Night.  But now that the Age of Light is advancing, be assured that it can indeed occur.  The present world of suffering, as described by the Buddha, has come to its end.  When enough people become fully aware of this truth, the rejoicing of humanity will be such as the world has never witnessed before.


October 5th, 1949


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