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Kyoshu-sama’s Message

In deep awe and fear of God, I would like to say that the One who created each one of us is God, the Creator. His purpose of Creation is to give birth to a child who could inherit His very own eternal life. To this end, God in heaven, before Creation, gave birth to the spirits that would turn into all the things of the universe and also gave birth to the spirits that would become humans. These human spirits are what we call divine spirits. God then granted breath to all the spirits He produced; God injected His purpose of Creation in breath. With His breath, God endowed us divine spirits with His life, consciousness and soul.

In heaven, God regarded us as His children and gave all of us the same name, “Messiah.” The status of a Messiah, therefore, is not just prepared for someone special. All of us, without exception, were given the name and status of “Messiah, a child of God,” in heaven, before we were born on earth.

In the process of the Creation of the universe, God first sent all things to earth and then, at last, sent us human beings, granting us with the sense of self. Human beings acquiring the sense of self – this perception of “I” – is neither the end result nor the purpose of the Creation of God. It is to make all human beings His children and give us His eternal life.

In order to meet this purpose, we humans on earth must return to heaven with our free will and recall what God did for us in heaven – how He endowed us with His breath, life, consciousness and soul and named us Messiah.

Before we were born on earth, God gave all of us His eternal life. At that time, we did not have this sense of self. As ones who now have an individual sense of self, we need to return to heaven and receive God’s eternal life “once more” and “anew” with our own will and of our own accord.

We need to be born anew and attain the status of “Messiah, a child of God,” – the status that God granted us before we were born on earth, in heaven. This is how we can fulfill the purpose of God and live eternally.

Now, God already fulfilled His purpose of Creation in Meishu-sama. Meishu-sama was able to attain the status of “Messiah, a child of God.”

Just like us, Meishu-sama was sent to earth. In the course of his life, Meishu-sama came to a conviction that God and heaven existed within him. With his own will, he decided to return to this internal heaven together with all humanity and all things, and received God’s eternal life “once more” and “anew.” He received it and filled his whole body – every single cell – with it. Thus, Meishu-sama fulfilled God’s purpose of Creation and attained the status of “Messiah, a child of God.”

To have given birth to Meishu-sama was an inexplicable joy and glory of God. All of God’s creations in the whole universe is now filled with this enormous joy of God. Each one of us is also filled with this joy, along with every single one of our bodily cells.

In June 1954, Meishu-sama declared openly that “a Messiah was born” and that he was “born anew.” Through this declaration, Meishu-sama, I believe, wanted us to realize that the joy of God exists at the center of each one of us.

For us believers of Meishu-sama, he is our model. God sent us Meishu-sama so that each one of us can also fulfill God’s purpose of Creation and attain the status of “Messiah, a child of God.” As a member of World Church of Messiah, if you wish to be born anew as a child of God, you must acknowledge and say, “Meishu-sama who was born anew as ‘Messiah, a child of God,’ exists at the center of my consciousness. I will now return to heaven together with everyone and everything.”

Until recently, I have overlooked and disregarded the power of the mind or the power of thoughts just because they cannot be seen with human eyes and are intangible. But Meishu- sama repeatedly taught us about their importance and always reminded us of how strong and boundless that power is. We know from various records that Meishu-sama emphasized the importance of the mind especially after he received a brain stroke in April 1954. He said many times to those who served him very closely at his home, “The time has changed. It is different from before. Johrei is not as important now. From here on, we must use our minds.” Through these words, I believe Meishu-sama wants us to realize that our minds are for God to use; God needs our minds to advance His divine work.

We feel as if we can use our minds freely and form whatever thoughts we want. But, as I always say, our minds and emotions are also creations of God and they are for His to be used. God prepared our minds and emotions so that He can communicate with us through them. So let us not take the workings of our minds and emotions lightly just because we or others cannot see or feel them. God watches us and knows everything that we ponder in our minds; He knows everything that we feel. He sees us and listens to us with His great love and forgiveness.

We often say that we need to act to create a paradise on earth. When we say this, we assume that we need to do something visible and tangible, using our body – like channeling Johrei to others, handing out flowers or guiding people to a church. These are valuable actions, of course. But I would like you to know that to direct your hearts and minds to God and surrender your feelings and thoughts to Him are in themselves important actions that lead to the construction of paradise on earth. Do not your hearts and minds belong to earth? Does not each one of your hearts and minds need to become a paradise if you want to take part in the construction of paradise on earth? Our hearts and minds, however, are full of faults, aren’t they? That is why we need to surrender our inner selves to God and receive His holy heart and mind, because God, not us, is the only Being who can construct paradise on earth. So let us transform our way of thinking! Let us move away from our old way of thinking that “action” only refers to doing something visible and tangible. Let us believe that God wants us to focus on Him always and surrender our whole being to Him. This in itself is an important action and how we can serve in the new phase of the divine work of Meishu-sama in a very concrete manner.

“The construction of paradise on earth” means only one thing. It is for us to follow in the footsteps of Messiah Meishu-sama, be born anew as a child of God and attain the status of a Messiah. We can all be a Messiah while living on earth, because we are destined to be so. God named us “Messiah” in heaven, and now we have to fulfill the heart of God on this very earth. This is what a construction of paradise on earth means. God is constructing us to become His children. Where does He do it? He does it within us. He is training our hearts and minds always so that our consciousness does not vanish when we die. God wants our consciousness to last forever and attain eternal life. That is why I will say this repeatedly: surrender your inner selves, your heart and mind, to God in the name of Messiah Meishu-sama; surrender your life, consciousness and soul to Him. God will then be able to nurture and train you and lead you to obtain eternal life. Living your life in this way is how you can be a part of the construction of paradise on earth.

I, with all my heart, would like to praise God who is all and in all. May He govern us forever and ever.


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