Kyoshu-sama’s Message to the Members of the Western Japan

Kyoshu-sama’s Message

Visit to the Members of the Western Japan Region (Shikoku)

Membership Meeting
May 22, 2016
Himegin Hall, Matsuyama

The message below is not a literal translation of the message delivered to the members of the Western Japan Region on the 22nd of May. Rather, it is a new message based on the Japanese one created for members outside Japan.

On June 5, 1954, just five weeks after he suffered from a brain stroke, Meishu-sama summoned his closest disciples to his residence in Atami, Hekiunso. There he declared that he was born as a Messiah and that he was born anew.

kyoshu-oesteMeishu-sama thus fulfilled the mission of a human being – the mission to become a child of God, a Messiah. This is the essential message of the Teachings of Meishu-sama. This is what we need to believe and accept if we want to be the followers of Meishu-sama.

Whatever we do and experience in life, be it channeling Johrei, distributing flowers, receiving purification or something more mundane and personal, the whole purpose and reason for it is so that each one of us can be born once more and become a true child of God – just as Meishu-sama did. In this sense, we are not yet a child of God. Our mission as a human being is to become one. Meishu-sama is our model and predecessor who has fulfilled this mission.

To become a child of God means that we have to return to our true home and meet
with God. Meishu-sama composed a hymn that reads:

O God, winter and night do not exist in Your heaven!
Your light is the everlasting sun.
You welcomed me into Your heaven and brought salvation to me. Those who want to be saved, Come!
Come to the heaven of God!

God’s heaven does not exist up in the sky or somewhere on earth. It is in fact to be found within each one of us. Meishu-sama is calling us, from within, to come back to this everlasting heaven where there is no darkness and sorrow.

If you decide to respond to the call of Meishu-sama and return to heaven, I believe God would be standing at the gate of heaven with a huge smile on his face, saying: “Welcome back to your true home!”

We have to awaken to an entirely new kind of faith and understanding of the Teachings of Meishu-sama.

In the practice of Johrei, we have been channeling light to others as if we transmit it, as if the light of God has not yet reached them. We think there is nothing wrong with this. In fact, this was our faith up until today. This is how we understood the meaning of Johrei and the Teachings of Meishu-sama – to spread the light of God to the world. But I would like you to realize that in doing so, we have been disregarding God, as we have been assuming that there are those to whom God’s light has not yet reached.

Is the light of God that dim? Is the power of God that weak? Of course they are not. God is not sleeping! We have to awaken to this fact that God’s light has already reached every single person in the world and to every corner of the earth.

The correct attitude when channeling Johrei, therefore, is for us to recognize and believe that the light of God has already reached the person you are channeling to. We have to think:

Even though this person appears to be sick and seems to need light, or even though this person does not seem to believe in the light of God, it has already reached them. If the light of God has already reached this person, it has to return to where it came from – to heaven where God dwells. I raise my hand of Johrei so as to recognize that it is in fact God who is raising His hand in order to receive the light He has emitted to all humanity.

Even if circumstances do not allow you to actually raise the hand of Johrei, you can believe in the power of your mind, of your sonen, because Meishu-sama taught us that the power of sonen is infinitely stronger, much stronger than the power of our physical body.

Meishu-sama composed a hymn that reads:

Great is the blessing of the natural world.
It turned a single, invisible soul into a human being!

I believe that “a single, invisible soul” refers to the soul of God or the divine spirit existing within each one of us. This soul of God materialized into a human being through the gracious blessing of the natural world. How great is the Plan of God! The divine spirit of God, the Father Himself, has turned into a human being! God exists within us. He exists within each one of us.

We judge humans by deeds, character, achievements and so on. But whoever we are and regardless of our shortcomings, we have the soul of God within each one of us. We may not be healthy. We may not be able to perform good deeds, love others and make others happy. But does it matter? We have the very soul of the Eternal God within us! Is this not true salvation and the very thing we must inform the whole world of? What is the point of seeking a temporal joy? How can we be saved if we only pursue worldly happiness? We have to acquire the happiness that will last forever. We have to obtain eternal salvation. And I tell you: we have already obtained it. We have already received the divine spirit, the soul of God. Eternal joy already exists within each one of us.

That is why, as I always say, let us return to the heaven existing within each one of us. Our divine spirit awaits us in it. You may think: “But what happens if we return to heaven? This act of returning to heaven brings no impact on this visible earth.” This is a disgraceful attitude towards God! How great is the blessing of God, that He prepared His heaven within us! How extraordinary it is that the very soul of God exists within each one of us. Our mission is to return to this heaven, be one with God and become His true children, Messiahs. And we must inform all humanity of this blessing. This is the message that Meishu-sama wants you to spread to the whole world – to be born once more as a child of God.

We have forgotten the love of God and used love as if it is ours. We say things like “love others” or encourage ourselves to put our love into action. But Meishu-sama, in his teachings such as “Daijo Love” and “Live with a Daijo Attitude,” warned us that human love is limited and, when compared to God’s love, it is in essence evil in its nature no matter how strong it is.

Meishu-sama wants us to realize that the love of God exists. And the love of God is simple: it is His forgiveness. Love is the forgiveness of God – not the forgiveness of humans, but of God. God wants you to know that He has already forgiven us, is ready to welcome us into His heaven and wishes to become one with us and have us be born once more as His beloved children.

Yes, it is true we were the children of God in heaven before we came to earth. But once we came to earth, we forgot where we came from, who our Father was and who we truly were. We forgot what it really meant to be a child of God. But Meishu-sama recalled this. He recalled that heaven was his true home, returned there and was born anew as a child of God, a Messiah.

The love of God exists. His forgiveness exists. We are now allowed to go back to our true home, heaven. In order to be received into heaven, doing good deeds, bringing people to church or channeling Johrei to many people are not the requirements. You already have the right to enter God’s kingdom. So with the love of God in our hearts, let us return to the heaven existing within each one of us and meet with God. I am sure, then, He will grant us the name starting with

“Messiah,” just as Meishu-sama was granted the name Messiah Meishu-sama.


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