Conceição Manuel Jovete – Rio Seco JC

I am 46 years old, I live in Viana, Caop-a neighborhood, I am a member and I dedicate as assistant of the Liturgy.

I met the Messianic Church in 2012, through my brother Mr. França Manuel Jovete, a member of the Church, to whom I am very grateful.
The reasons that led me to know the Church were: Diseases and family conflicts.

My 10-year-old daughter at the time suffered from constant fainting spells due to lack of blood that culminated in her hospitalization. In an attempt to solve the problem, I attended several hospitals.

It was in this context of suffering that I met Meishu-Sama. At the Church I was received by the on-duty doctor who, after listening to me carefully, guided me as follows:

• Receive 10 Johrei per day;
• keep Flor-de-Luz at home;
• Dedicate cleaning the nave and the bathroom;
• Attend morning and afternoon services;
• pilgrimage to places of greater light;
• Make the home garden.

I followed the guidelines without difficulty and as a result, in two days of assistance the girl was transferred from the hospital Mother Jacinta, to the general hospital, where she received a blood transfusion, without having to pay anything, and in three days she was discharged. Since then, there have been no difficulties and the constant visits to the hospital have been concluded. To better serve the Divine work I became a member.

The experience of faith that I now report to you is related to deep reflection.

In November, the day of my duty at the Johrei Center, I had a great feeling of revolt that my ex-husband did not support his children. Dissatisfied, I didn’t feel like going to church, but the feeling of going to his house to hit him with an iron, or something in front of me, was born in me. As I don’t like to miss my duty, I decided to go to church first. There, I remained restless and unable to concentrate. That was how the Responsible, seeing my state of mind, asked how I was and invited me to receive Johrei.
At that moment I started to vent, telling me what I wanted to do, because that day I had nothing to eat. The person in charge looked at me and asked me: “Do you believe in Meishu-Sama, and that He is the Messiah expected by humanity?” Upon hearing this question, I realized that the cause of all my suffering was in me, because I had stopped doing basic practices. I did a retrospective on my missionary life and I noticed that for a long time I had stopped making donations regularly, on the day of my shift I limited myself to ministering to Johrei and cleaning the floor of the nave, I did not look for it. Listening to people and deepening in their pain and suffering, did not lead people, did not accompany houses, nor did a directed march.

Then, the person in charge advised and guided me on the basic practices of faith, remembering that as Johrei was receiving, the feelings of anger, hatred, and revolt began to subside. As a result of that act, I obtained the following results:

After finishing my shift I went home and to my surprise, my sister-in-law took me some basic sixth products that served for our food for many days.

• My brother, who, since he left our Church, did not visit me, and treated me as a witch because I continued in the Messianic faith, stopped treating me with contempt and returned to my home. Three days later, my firstborn, who depended on odd jobs to support his family, was called in for a job interview. Thank goodness and Meishu-Sama, he was admitted and is already working at a mobile phone company. Thanks to God, with his first salary he paid the debt of 7 months of electric energy and contributed with another money to do the house purchases, from which I got the tithe and the construction donation.

• I gained permission to enroll my children in public school, at zero cost. I am very happy because I can already thank you for the lack of support from your ex-husband. I actively fulfill my mission. I was included in the liturgy and in the network of the group in charge. I went back to doing the dedications normally.

For those graces received, I thanked God with a special donation.
I learned again, that Meishu-Sama is really the Messiah expected by Humanity.

By permission of God and the Messiah Meishu-Sama, I led more than 30 people to faith and two became members. I have the home garden, do the tithing, daily donation and construction. I was registered, I take care of a remote member house with a total of 1 member and 5 regulars.

I commit myself to wear the jersey of the formation of the 100 thousand convinced families until the conclusion of the Sacred Soil of Africa.

I thank God, Messiah Meishu-Sama and my Ancestors, for allowing me to know this wonderful path of salvation. To all who have listened attentively to my report, my sincere thanks.


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