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My name is Mateus Bernardo. I am 35 years old, a full member and give service as an assistant of nature farming  of the net of salvation of the Elevação neighbourhood.

The testimony of faith that I would like to share with you is related to following the guidances from our superiors.

Some time ago, I started having a lot of conflicts with my wife but I didn’t know the reason for them! She would get mad for no apparent reason. I talked with the center head  who guided me to be grateful, give her a lot of Johrei, keep the flower of light at home, clean our home and give more attention to the home vegetable garden.

I followed the guidance received by the center head and got the chance to start a good conversation with my wife. I tried to find out why she had been so annoyed lately. She answered that she was very anxious because she was pregnant but,  we had a baby who was only six months old. The humiliation she would experience from the family, neighbours and friends, distressed her a lot! I got worried and my reaction was that we should go to the hospital to abort the child and protect our six-month-old daughter. On our way to the hospital, I felt that, as a Messianic, what I wanted to do was not right!

I got goosebumps and asked my wife to first go to the church to thank for this situation and talk with the center head. He guided us to place everything in the hands of the Messiah Meishu-Sama and encouraged us to let nature take its course as the baby had a mission to fulfil. He also guided my wife to eat products from our natural vegetable garden and  receive a lot of Johrei.

As the pregnancy progressed, one day, I had a dream where a man asked me: “Mateus, have you ever killed someone?” I said “No, I never killed anyone. Maybe during the war due to the military life, but I never consciously did it! ”. So, he said: “You almost killed a person!”. Then he opened a drawer, took out a well-dressed baby boy and handed him to me!

The next day, I told the center head what happened. We went to the altar and prayed, thanking God for what happened.

At night, after dinner, my wife started to feel labour pains and, hours later, she gave birth to a male baby. I got very happy because I have seven daughters. Furthermore, the two children are healthy! My wife, who did not accept going to the Messianic Church, became a full member and participates in all church activities.

I learned with this testimony that those who go beyond their limits achieve big goals and that anything is possible if you have faith!

I thank God, the Messiah Meishu-Sama  and my ancestors for the permission to know this wonderful path of salvation!

Thank you very much!


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