Odete Bacalhau Rochete – Headquarters of Africa – Luanda/Angola

My name is Odete Bacalhau Rochete, I am 52 years old and give service in charge of the sector of testimonies at the headquarters of Africa.

I was guided to the World Messianic Church of Angola in August 2002

The testimony of faith that I would like to share with you is related to Johrei, prayers and special donations of gratitude .

In December of 2019 my daughter surprised me because she was pregnant! She has a chronic blood disease (beta thalassemia), similar to sickle cell disease.

This scared me a lot because a pregnancy with a problem like hers was a very big risk to her life! All the specialists that we went to, said that if she wanted to have the baby it would have to be in a country with a more  advanced medicine.

I told this to the paternal side of the family. They were surprised and worried, agreed to send her to another country. This way, I began preparing for the trip. Some days later, most family members of the father’s side had a negative reaction, which caused a small conflict.

I told the vice president, Minister Tininha, and she guided me to materialize a special donation with the amount of the request for lobola (letter of proposal).

On the month of January this year, I went to the Headquarters of Africa to give service and met reverend Claudio. I told him about the blessing I received and he said I shouldn’t worry. I just needed to intensify the channelling of Johrei and take care of her diet.

The conflict intensified and she cried because there were so many negative things that were being said. They also called me and I only listened to my part as a mother. As the date of the proposal approached, I talked about it with a minister and he guided me to talk to the ancestors of my daughter’s paternal side. For a week, after the morning prayer, I asked them for forgiveness and asked permission for the ceremony to take place in an environment of peace and harmony.

One week later, I went to my Sister-in-law`s house so we could decide how the ceremony would be . After the conversation, she asked me if I had anything to say as the relationship between us wasn’t great.

In that moment I thanked for the fact that they took care of me and my daughter for twenty-five years. They were always there during the hard times to support us. But, as a mother, I was sad with their behaviour and she wasn’t the first person to get pregnant before the wedding. The older aunt was touched with the fact that I was grateful. This is how the conflict decreased and the ceremony was peaceful.

After the ceremony, we materialized the special donation for the paving of the Headquarters of Africa, with the money from the request for lobola, as we had been guided by our superior. Thanks to God and the Messiah Meishu-Sama, the conflict ended and we were taking care of the pregnancy.

I was giving her a lot of Johrei and, on Wednesdays, I participated in the March of Johrei at the Formation Center of Zango. As I work in Food Security, I took care of her diet, following the Food Security pyramid; looking at two points: the quality of food and its processing.

During the quarantine, we followed the guidance from the Reverend:  march of Johrei at home with the reading of the teachings, watching the morning and afternoon prayers online with the Headquarters of Africa and materializing the donations.

Thank God and the Messiah Meishu Sama the purifications during the time she was hospitalized were overcome.

When the date of the internment came and already at the maternity waiting for the birth which would  be after 36 weeks. During this time,  she purified. The haemoglobin was low and the doctors said that if it continued like this a transfusion would have to be made before the birth of the baby. As this procedure would not be good before giving birth, I was worried.

During the period she was hospitalised, I went to my sister-in-law’s house because she was closer to the maternity. But, every two days, I went to my home where I would pray at the Altar for the happiness of other people, particularly pregnant women with problems, including those who were in the same situation.

Brothers, she saw some people who gave birth and went into shock, going into intensive care. The babies of some of them were born with low weight, others lost babies. All of this within 1 month.

Thank God and the Messiah Meishu-Sama, she had a caesarean delivery that went well, despite a small haemorrhage and the blood transfusion after delivery. The baby was born with more than 3 kg, which surprised the doctors, asking if she was 100% thalassaemic (disease similar to sickle cell disease). Her doctor told her colleagues that she had a healthy diet, so the baby was born with normal weight.

I was praying for the happiness of a co-worker who was in intensive care. Thank God and the Messiah Meishu-Sama, she got better and went home!

I learned from this testimony that Meishu-Sama is in charge of everything!

I thank God, the Messiah Meishu-Sama and my ancestors, for the permission to know this wonderful path of salvation!

Thank you very much!



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