Emanuel Hisidivali – Ombadja JC – Cunene/Angola_ENG

My name is Emanuel Ndiite Hisidivali. I am 56 years old and a full member since November 2008.

I was guided to the church by brother Oscar da Cruz Abraão Hipandulua, who is now in the spiritual world.

The reasons that brought me to the church were illness and financial difficulties. I suffered with a lot of body aches. Sometimes I felt like I was burning and other times I was very cold. My skin was very sensitive to a point that I couldn’t get up from bed. I was paralytic for 18 years.

I did medical treatments in Angola and in Namibia. I also went to many sangomas to look for a solution, wasting a lot of money. Unhappy and desperate I stayed at home waiting for the worse. My wife, impatient, abandoned me in the care of my mother, who cried everyday due to so much unhappiness. She also could not bear this and left me in the care of my two nephews and my younger daughter.

It was in this time that, by luck, brother Oscar showed up at my house and told me about the Messianic Faith. After listening to me carefully he gave me Johrei, put flowers of light in my house, made the natural vegetable garden in my house and guided me a few basic practices of the church.

On the following day he came with others and they did the deep cleaning in my house and also washed many dirty clothes. From that day on, I started receiving religious assistance daily. Days later, a small tornado affected my house: it ripped off two zinc sheets that almost cut my niece’s neck. Besides that, it broke two chairs, destroyed some houses in the neighbourhood before it returned to my house and took the whole roof out. Even without understanding, I thanked God from the bottom of my heart for my family’s protection. Then, during a week I purified with diarrhoea, high fevers, coughs and a cold.

After these purifications, the doors opened and my life started changing:

  • I had the permission to receive the municipal commander and the communal administrator who negotiated part of my land for the municipal parking lot and I started receiving food every fifteen days.

  • My family, which hadn’t looked for me in a long time, started visiting me. My brothers and my niece offered me an amount plus 20 zinc sheets. So, I started to build my new

  • The priests and nuns who hadn’t visited me in a long time, came and seeing so many changes in me, asked what were the reasons behind them. So, they advised me to continue following the guidelines with gratitude because my salvation was there.

  • One of my brothers received the blessing of buying a new car and started taking me to the church everyday to receive Johrei. This way, I was clearly getting better. After four years I started walking again, which amazed many people!

With these blessings received, as a form of expressing my gratitude I materialised a special donation and donated more than 600 metres of land, which will be used to build the Net of Salvation of the Caimo neighbourhood. To better serve the Divine Work I became a full member in 2011.

With these testimonies, I learned that Meishu-Sama is really the Messiah awaited by humanity and that Johrei is the medicine of the 21st century

I thank God, the Messiah Meishu-Sama and my ancestors for the permission to know this path of salvation!

My sincere gratitude!


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