Afonso Joaquim – Cafunfo JC/Lunda-Norte/Angola

My name is Afonso Joaquim and I am a member.

I was guided to the church by a full member. The reasons that brought me to the church were erectile disfunction and urinary incontinence that started when I was 14 years old and went until I turned 50.

When I turned twenty-five, I joined the province’s mining security department. With this job I was able to organise my life and got a wife with whom I lived.

After some days, she noticed that I couldn’t control my urine and changed her behavior, starting to criticize and judging me. It was a very hard time. Even in the midst of this suffering, we were able to have two children. However, after some time, ignoring the fact that we already had children, she decided to leave and we divorced.

When my neighbours and friends found out about this, they started to strongly discriminate me. All of this was too much for me. I couldn’t take it anymore and abandoned my job. I received many nicknames and my family decided that it would be better if I went back to my home province.

In search of a cure, I looked for hospitals and traditional treatment homes. Even so, I did not get the desired results. Desperate and deadlocked, the full member found me and encouraged me to look for the church, telling me about its miracles. I didn’t hesitate and went to church where I was received by a missionary who guided me to do the basic practices of the Messianic faith.

Three weeks after starting to give service, I had the permission to be interviewed by a missionary and then he started taking care of me. I started receiving Johrei intensively and, thank God, I started to note changes. I started controlling my urine and my mood also improved.

Yet my stomach-aches remained and my belly was more and more stuffed. Then, I was guided to give service in the church’s farm and to eat products produced by the Nature farming method .

After starting to consume products from the church’s farm, I had cramps for three days. Then I had diarrhoea and was able to eliminate all the dirt that was stuffing my belly. Thank God and the Messiah Meishu-Sama, from that day on, my health started improving significantly!

The testimony of faith that I now share with you is related to the strength of Johrei and of the basic practices.

It’s important to highlight that since my first wife abandoned me due to the disease I had, I couldn’t have a relationship with anyone else for 18 years. I was always rejected.

Then, I met a woman and thought about trying to start a relationship with her but I feared that would be rejected again. On the other hand, I had the feeling that I should try. But, before I talked to her, I decided to pray.

Fortunately, everything ran smoothly. Thank God, miraculously, my brother decided to support me financially in order for me to fulfill my duties.

Nevertheless, I had many difficulties from conflicts with the lady to hard trials that I had to do in order to stay with her. However, in all moments I placed God in the first place. I always prayed before starting or going to a meeting. This was of great help because at the end I was accepted by her and by her family and we stayed together. This put an end to 18 years of being single.

With this testimony of faith, I learned that when we place our problems in the hands of God and the Messiah Meishu-Sama we are blessed with unusual miracles. I also learned that those who are always grateful, actually enjoy happiness, good fortune and a happy life!

I had the permission to guide my wife to the church. We are both members and preparing ourselves to receive the Ohikari!

My commitment is to receive the Ohikari to better serve the Divine Work, as well as participating in the construction of the Sacred Grounds of Africa!

I thank the Supreme God, the Messiah Meishu-Sama and my ancestors for the permission to know this wonderful path of salvation! I tithe, do the construction donation and have the vegetable garden!

My sincere gratitude!


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