Paulina Wandi – Lobito JC/Benguela/Angola

My name is Paulina Wandi. I am full member and give service as the person in charge of the net of salvation of the Novo neighbourhood.

I was guided to the World Messianic Church of Angola in 2017 by Mrs Lurdes Imaculada. The reasons that brought me to the church were illnesses and insomnia.

In 2016 I started having the following symptoms: uncontrolled heartbeat, intense headaches and dizziness to a point where I couldn’t walk. As a result, I started having insomnia and stayed awake for most nights. Hence, I couldn’t work. To solve this problem, I looked for medical help, having been admitted to a hospital many times, and I also took a lot of medication. Besides that, I did many traditional treatments and went to a lot of sangomas. But, as I wasn’t getting better, I decided to stay at home, waiting for the worst to happen. It was in this state of intense suffering that sister Lurdes, noticing my serious health problems, touched with my difficulties, told me about the church and the power of Johrei. I was guided by the missionary to follow the basic practices of the Messianic faith. As a result, on the first day I received Johrei I slept peacefully until 10 AM of the next day, something that hadn’t happened for 6 months. After a month attending the church, I had the permission to guide a young man who lived in my neighbourhood. He had been suffering with a mental disorder during ten years and had already gone to many traditional treatments but found no solution to his problems. Since he started attending the church, in less than 2 weeks receiving Johrei, the level of aggressiveness that he displayed decreased. Two weeks later, he could come to the church all by himself and  continued to attend it. Today, he is in charge of the nature farming sector. After he got better, my health also started to change a lot! I gained conviction in the practice of guiding people to the church. I am healthy to this date!

The testimony of faith  I would like to share with you is related to guiding people to the church and taking care of them.

One day, after receiving the task of heading the Johrei Center, as I was going home, I saw two ladies on the street. One of them was feeling unwell. She passed out and fell to the ground. Worried, I walked towards them and asked if I could pray for them, which they accepted. After giving Johrei for 30 minutes, the lady got better. They wanted to find out about the prayer and the church it was from. In the end of our meeting, we exchanged cell phone numbers, thanked for what happened and, since that day, they became members. Today they are candidates to receive the Ohikari.

One day of April, this year, when we were already in the state of emergency, as a way of preventing Covid-19, some ladies from Catumbela, who were looking for a saint to make traditional treatments, came to my garden by mistake. I told her that I didn’t know one but, immediately I wanted to know which one of them was sick. The oldest lady replied that they were all sick but the reason that she was looking for a saint was because her 28-year-old daughter suffered from epilepsy for twelve years, which got worse in the last four years. She had seizures daily, stopped studying and spent the whole day at home. Being a single mother, her two sons were taken care by their grandmother. After hearing her story, I was moved and introduced Johrei and its power, asking  they to try it and I told them my testimony of faith. After a month receiving Johrei, the young lady that had seizures and passed out every day, stopped having seizures. With her health back to normal, she takes care of her kids, lives a normal life and  gives service regularly. Her mother, who suffered from insomnia and body pains, also got better and started attending the church.

Another testimony is from a neighbour who came to my house saying that her daughter was unwell and needed a prayer urgently. At her place I found the girl laying down on the ground; a fireplace was lit in the middle of the living room, which was decreasing visibility. I immediately asked for it to be removed. The girl’s grandmother is a healer and came to me saying that her granddaughter suddenly fell down for reasons they did not understand. They did everything they could, to no avail. Their only hope was the prayer as her other grandson had already been saved by a prayer from our church. In that moment of great responsibility, I called the family with the goal of making a donation and then started to give Johrei. An hour passed and the girl was still unconscious. The family anxiously looked at me. Inside of me I prayed: “Meishu Sama, if this girl passes away, I don’t know if I will be able to handle it! Please do not abandon me!”. Two hours later, the girl, whose body was very cold, opened her eyes and reacted satisfactorily. Her mom asked why she was in such a state. The girl explained  she dreamed with a neighbour who promised to kill her. When she woke up, she was reactionless and moments later, lost consciousness. The other family members asked themselves: “how can a simple hand save a person from death?”.

Since that day, the girl and her sister started receiving Johrei at the Johrei Center and at my house and both became members. Her grandmother, once again realised the great miracles worked by Johrei!

I thank God, the Messiah Meishu-Sama  and my ancestors for the permission to know this wonderful path of salvation!

Thank you!


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