Manuel Bernardo Francisco – Kilamba Kiaxi/Luanda/Angola

My name is Manuel Bernardo Francisco. I am 28 years old, a full member and give service as an assistant of the Earth group.

I was guided to the church in 2011 by my mother, Maria Domingos Antonia, a full member.

The reason that brought me to the church was illness. In 2006 I got involved with a group of criminals that consumed drugs. Shortly after that, I started coughing heavily so I had to look for medical care at a sanatorium hospital. The medical exams found nothing wrong with me and I had to go back the following day.

I went to the Johrei Center with my mom and received Johrei. Then I went back to the hospital and was diagnosed with tuberculosis. I started doing the treatment but decided to talk to the missionary as well. I was guided to do the basic practices of faith and to eat nature farming products. I followed the guidance and six months later I felt considerably better. As a way of expressing my gratitude, I became a full member in 2012 to better serve the Divine Work.

The testimony of faith  I now share with you is related to the power of the prayer and the donation of gratitude .

One day, while I was working, I started coughing blood. Three days later, since there was a monthly service of gratitude, I went to the Headquarters. I prayed for my ancestors, did a donation of gratitude for the purification and the tithe. On the following day I realised that I had stopped coughing.

I did a job for a man at his house. Besides the money that he was supposed to pay me, he gave me a door, an aluminium window and took me home.

One of the members whom I take care of was facing conflicts with his brothers. After receiving religious assistance with the flower, which at the beginning they declined, I started being grateful and a week later it was accepted along with the prayer. Then, we observed the following changes: the conflicts that the brothers had due to the domestic works, ceased. Now, this member goes to my house to receive flowers and takes part in the prayers. He drank a lot and consumed drugs but, now he consumes less. His brother was supposed to amputate his leg because he stepped on a nail at his job. But, with the religious assistance, he is recovering little by little. He won’t have to amputate his leg anymore.

With this testimony of faith, I learned that the prayers have power and that when we pray for other people, we receive big miracles in our lives. I also learned that Meishu-Sama is the Messiah awaited by humanity!


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