My name is Elisa Bimbi, I am preparing to receive the Ohikari and give service as the auxiliar of the church’s choir. I was guided to the church in 2019 by a member.

The reasons that brought me to the church were illness, poverty and conflict.

In 2016 I started suffering with paralysis in my lower limbs, an inflammation that looked like pimples. The pain was so strong that it didn’t allow me to sleep nor move. I made many massages, there were no improvements, on the contrary the situation just worsened. However, my family made me do traditional treatments. In one of the sangomas, he told us that the disease came from my ancestors and to solve it, I would have to perform a ritual. Thus, he asked for some food, an oxtail and a whistle made of animal horn. We gave him what we were supposed to but, still there were no satisfactory results.

I became a member of a church for nine months but with no successful results. My mouth and gums were swollen. I became desperate and started having suicidal thoughts. In the midst of this suffering, sister Rosária told me about the Messianic Church and all of its miracles. She invited me and without thinking twice I accepted. On the same day we went to the net of salvation in the India neighbourhood. The missionary in charge guided me the basic practices of the Messianic Faith.

I followed all guidances and in two months all the difficulty I had, just disappeared!

The testimony of faith I would like to share with you is related to taking care of people.

I take care of a lady who was facing serious family conflicts. Due to her daughter’s death she developed this anger towards her husband. He decided to leave the house and left the lady with two children and was not giving assistance in their basic needs. He would only pay for the house’s rent. With all these difficulties and others, the lady lost the shine in her face. After a while she started having dreams with her deceased daughter who was seated by a river. Whenever the lady tried to get close to her daughter, the girl would be taken away with the river’s flow.

In this situation, her mother asked her to meet her in another province in order to do traditional treatments. She refused and then suggested that she should look for a church. Upon seeing my changes, asked me to take her to our church. The next day, when we went to the salvation net of India neighbourhood, she was received by the missionary in charge who guided her the basic practices of our faith. She followed the guidelines and, after a month, her husband who didn’t care about her, surprisingly gave her money to do some business. In addition, he started to give a monthly amount to cover household expenses and to spend more time with the children. She started smiling again and recovered her usual shine.

Another case is that of a neighbour who had a chronic traditional wound on her leg. For 3 years, she felt a lot of pain and  couldn’t sleep. It seemed there was an animal walking inside her body. It made it difficult for her to walk and she spent her nights crying. She resorted to traditional treatments, without success. She once came to my house, told me about her suffering and asked me to take her to our church. Next day we went to the net of salvation, where she was heard by the missionary in charge, who guided her the basic practices of the Messianic faith. On this day, she received a lot of Johrei and managed to have a peaceful sleep. We had the flower workshop at her house and made the vegetable garden.

After a month of religious assistance, the animal she felt moving inside her, stopped. The wound changed its aspect. She also gained the permission of having piece jobs.

She had given up on the church due to her aunt’s influence. Her problems got worse and she went to sangomas (traditional healers), but  didn’t get good results so she decided to stay at home. She reflected about the changes that had occurred in her life while she was with the Messiah Meishu-Sama and  decided to look for me again. I made her reflect again about those changes and started praying at her house every day. She gained strength and started giving service again!

With these testimonies of faith, I learned that Meishu-Sama is the Messiah so long awaited for Humanity and also that sometimes our sufferings come from our ancestors!

My commitment is to receive my Ohikari to better serve in the Divine Work.

I would like to thank the Messiah Meishu-Sama and my ancestors!

To those who heard my testimony of faith, my sincere gratitude!


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