My name is Carlos Paulo. I am a full member and give service as the vice center head.

I was guided to the world Messianic Church on the 7th of February of 2007, by a missionary in the province of Lunda Norte.

The reasons that brought me to the Church were my younger brother’s disease, family conflicts and marriage problems.

At the time, my brother suffered from high fevers, headaches, body pains, stopped talking and lost appetite. In the province of Lunda Norte, where I lived, the full members of the Church made a visit and distributed flowers in the neighborhood but every time they came to my house and offered flowers to my family, I would throw it away and wouldn’t let anyone receive the flower and would scare away the full members saying  I didn’t want any mysterious churches!

One day, I received a call from my family members, saying that my brother in Luanda had gotten worse. In Luanda, I found him very sick as said before. He didn’t even recognize the people around him and walked without purpose.

In order  to improve his health, we went to many hospitals and sangoma houses without getting any results. As I had already been in contact with flowers of the World Messianic Church,  I thought: “ Since we didn’t find any solution in hospitals and in sangoma houses and  they say  the cause of the disease is the ancestor’s fault,the only solution is the Church where they pray for the spiritual upliftment of the ancestors, which is the World Messianic Church. So, I better go there! ”.

I went to the Church, remembering the missionary who used to give flowers to my house. I talked to him and he readily guided us to the Johrei Center of Sambizanga.

At the Church, we were received by a missionary who guided us to do the basic practices of the Messianic faith.

I followed the guidances with a lot of difficulties, as I had many doubts about the Church. I noticed that their beliefs and prayers were very different from other religions. But, I still had patience to take my brother to the center to receive Johrei. A week after receiving Johrei, he was talking and walking normally! Thank God, he stayed fine and because of that, I became a full member to better serve in the Divine Work!

In 2013, I stopped going to the Church without understanding why. In the beginning everything went fine but after some time, I started getting ungrateful, I started drinking a lot of alcohol, there were many conflicts at home with my wife and kids. We fought constantly, getting to the point that my first son left the house and started living with his friends in the streets.

At some time, the suffering got worse. In August of last year, I had the permission to receive a visit from members that came from the Johrei Center to my house many times but I still didn’t want to go back to giving service. The Center Head, seeing the internal suffering that I was going through, insisted and participated very hard in the marches in my house, who helped to my return to the church in November of 2019.

The testimony of faith  I would like to share with you, is related to the basic practices of faith and the correct materialization of the donation, during this period of the pandemic.

After 4 years outside of the Church, I finally gained the permission to return to it last year. This way, I started giving service and dedicating hard in the worship hall, pilgrimaging to the headquarters of the future Sacred Grounds of Cacuaco. In June of this year, the Center Head of our area interviewed me and after listening to my problems, guided me to materialize my donations correctly and to make a special donation to ask for forgiveness to my ancestors for the time I was not giving service. Even though I was suffering, I ignored the guidance and the few times I would give service I did not materialize my donation of gratitude .

In the month of July, I had a dream with my ancestors in which they showed the mistakes I was making, and due to my lack of commitment in my donations, the money did not reach them and therefore I was also suffering. They also showed me the suffering they were going through in the spiritual world and warned me that if I continued living that way, they would have to take me back to the spiritual world because I was not being useful for their spiritual upliftment.

Worried, I explained the dream to the center head who reinforced the previous guidance and this time I did not ignore it and followed it.

In the month of august, the missionary, along with a group of missionaries, came to my house where they did the spiritual cleaning, the flower workshop and the home vegetable garden. In the end, the missionary invited my family and the other full members to clean around my house and the neighborhood. I must confess that at first, I was ashamed to give this service as I do not distribute flowers to my neighbors. However, I gained strength and while giving service, I asked my ancestors for forgiveness. We cleaned, distributed flowers, the philosophy of Salvation and gave Johrei to many people. After a week, I experienced the following results:

  • The conflicts I was facing with my wife and children got better. Surprisingly, my son, who had left the house, came back home after two years away. Today, peace and harmony are part of my home.
  • For four years, my wife and I did not share the same bed and did not have our meals at the house. After materializing my donations correctly, my wife apologized and today we share the same bed and she even prepares my lunch when I go to work. My wife and kids who did not receive Johrei now they accept it, something that hadn’t happened during four years.
  • With the missionary’s help I detached from the money I receive and started doing all my donations correctly.
  • With the Supreme God and Meishu-Sama’s permission, we opened a spaza shop in the yard, which has been helping us with daily meals.

With all the blessings received, I materialized a special donation of gratitude to the Supreme God and the Messiah Meishu-Sama!

I learned that when we obediently follow the guidance received, we reach positive and desired results. I now understand that Johrei is the medicine of the 21st century!

My commitment is to continue to participate in the construction of the Divine work which starts in our home!

To all those who heard my testimony of faith, my sincere thank you!


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