My name is Amélia Muchia and I give service as the Head of the vegetable gardens of the Net of Salvation. I was guided to the church in 2011 by my ancestors.

The reason that brought me to the church was mental problems that lasted for two years, which made me look for sangomas and hospitals. One of the sangomas told me I was not crazy, just had problems with spirits.

This situation caused me to divorce my husband. I stayed most of the time in the cemetery sleeping over the graves.

One day I heard a voice saying: “Look, we are not your family yet but wait until we call the person you’re looking for!”. Minutes later, the wind started blowing very strongly and I heard the voice of my late grandfather who passed away years ago. He told me: “Look, do not worry because all of this will be overcome! Go look for the church that offers flowers and where people lift their hands!”.

That is how I found the Messiah Meishu-Sama. At the church I was well received by the missionary who listened attentively to my sufferings and guided me to do the basic practices of the Messianic Faith.

After following the guidance for just one week, my mind was back to its natural state!

To thank God and the Messiah Meishu-Sama, I materialised a special donation. Thereafter I made the donation to receive the Ohikari and received it in that same year.

The testimony of faith  I now share with you is related to the flower of light!

In May of the current year I started purifying with high fevers and a uterine prolapse, whereby my uterus was coming out of my body. I was examined at the children’s maternal hospital and they decided to admit me to the hospital because my situation was very severe. I was examined by five doctors. Some said that it would be very difficult to do the surgery in my uterus and if they tried it, I could even die. Others said they had never seen a uterus that had moved the way mine did!

My daughter, listening to this, started thinking about the worst and asked about the assets that are in the house. She asked if I owned them and then returned to her house. At night she had a dream with a man who looked like my late younger brother. He asked her: “Are you tired of going to the hospital? When your mother asks you for financial help to participate in a church activity you are not interested and even oppose it! Do you think that this money is yours? We are following up with everything that is happening to your mother! The money is ours, we sent it! I am your uncle, when I was still alive people called me ‘Panda’! Look, tomorrow go tell your mother that she should not be scared because she will not have to go through a surgery!”.

The following day she came to the hospital and asked if I knew anyone in the family that was called Panda. I said yes and replied  it was my brother that had already passed away. Then she told me about the dream  she had. To my own amazement, while listening to her dream I got motivated. Even though I had difficulties walking from the time I was hospitalised two months before, I gained strength and even with the pains I thought: “I have to do something!”. So, I took the scissors that were in my bag, went to the hospital’s garden where there were flowers which were planted by the Messianic followers that sometimes give service there. I organised the vases, prepared the flowers and asked God and Meishu-Sama to give me strength. I started distributing flowers to the other patients that were there. I started distributing flowers in the rooms but some patients started criticizing me. Some said that I was wasting time and others said: “But the others are being operated so why not you? You have been here for a long time and all of a sudden you come here with flowers!”.

While everyone was talking, I just thanked from the bottom of my heart and this gave me strength to keep distributing the flowers!

Days later, I started having respiratory problems. The doctor examined me and  noticed I had lung problems. He told me to do another medical exam at the sanatorium. I was admitted there and  stayed for fifteen days. Fifteen days later, miraculously, my uterus was already back in the right place. Nevertheless, the doctors in the maternity hospital waited for the recovery of my lungs so that later they could do the surgery. But in the other hand, the pains that caused me so much suffering ceased and I was discharged. Thank God and the Messiah Meishu-Sama I am fine and I’m already at home doing my domestic activities normally.

To thank God and the Messiah Meishu-Sama I materialised a special donation and I will continue expressing my gratitude because what God gave me is priceless!

Nothing is impossible when we hand our problems to God! Divine goodness will manifest itself with warnings that we receive from our ancestors because due to them we discover the things which we are not doing properly. This experience that I lived made me realise that Faith means trust!

My commitment is to focus more on the commitment of serving others and keep up with the practice of distributing flowers of light.

I thank the Supreme God, the Messiah Meishu-Sama and my ancestors to guide me to this wonderful path of salvation!


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