Ana Samacongo – L. C. Angolano JC – Benguela – Angola

My name is Ana Maria Samacongo, I am a full member and give service as the person in charge of the choir and of the net of salvation.

 The testimony of faith that I am going to share with you is related to warnings from the ancestors.

In August of this year, my mother started suffering with high blood pressure. She was on medication but it was not having any effect. She showed signs of mental disturbances and kept trying to run away from home. I called the Center Head and he guided me to pray, asking for forgiveness and to make a donation of gratitude. We put this into practice but, the purification intensified.

One day, while preparing to go to the Radio Nature Farming Farm, my mother asked to go with me. There, while she gave service through planting , our brothers gave Johrei to her. When we completed the dedication and were preparing to go home, she lost all the strength of her feet and could not stand up. At first, I was afraid and thought: “GOD, please give her one more opportunity! If she dies here, my family will kill me! ”.

I began to pray and a few minutes later, she was able to walk again. As we arrived home, she fainted. I was frightened and could only call for Meishu-Sama to guide me. I took her to the neighbourhood medical center. After observing her, the nurse said “this lady has no vital signs. She is dead! You need to take her to the main hospital! ”. I replied that I had faith that GOD would act and continued to give Johrei to her!

A few minutes later, her heart started beating again but, very weakly. The next day, the leader came to visit us and gave Johrei together with prayers. She woke up in good spirits. Two days later, her plight intensified. She began screaming that someone wanted to kill her.

Due to all the turmoil, the doctor transferred her to another medical unit. I kept in contact with the center head and he guided me to give Johrei towards the center of her head.

My mother is a full member but, had stopped giving service for quite some time.

Two days later, with a fixed look in her eyes, she asked me for a pen and a notebook because she had a lot to tell me. Initially I was frightened and asked myself “Is she perhaps wanting to say farewell?”. She started recounting that in her dream she sometimes felt she was at our church headquarters, sometimes at the Formation center and sometimes at the Johrei center.

She said that when she had her problem at the  farm, she had a vision of 3 trucks filled with people who were asking the neighbourhood guardian for permission to take her away because she was a witch. However, the guardian did not answer this request and told them that she had been brought there by messianic people and if they persisted, then their bloodlines would be extinguished, because she still had a mission to fulfill! They disappeared and this was when she woke up with mental disturbances.

At that moment, my mother had another vision where, according to her, Reverend Francisco came to the medical center and said: “I am here because you are gravely ill and because you should not pass now, as you still have a mission to fulfill! You are a good person!”. In the same instant, the top Guardian Spirit of the province showed up with four religious leaders and the three trucks full of people and awaited the final verdict. It seemed like a judgement.

 At that moment, Reverend Francisco gave permission to the Guardian Spirit to begin the judgement. Then, he asked the religious leaders and those in the truck what they were there for. They replied  they had come for her because she was a witch who had killed 3 people and so, should be thrown into the river Cunene. The reverend replied: “You will not take her because she is under the protection of the messianic church! She has donated products from her home vegetable garden to you and to your children. You do not have the power to take her!”. The Guardian spoke again and said: “As it is so, I will be watching you!”.

The reverend stepped toward my mother and suddenly her body was covered in intense light. Then he said: “This lady is pure and she has done no wrong. She is being accused unjustly! The only sin that she has committed is not looking after her ancestors. She has abandoned her ancestors!”. And he continued, saying: “My daughter, above all else is GOD and then come the ancestors! If you do not look after the roots, the branches will wither!”. Then, the reverend said to her: “Daughter, from this day on, you are saved. I will leave you some advice. When you leave here you need to do your Tithe and Construction donation, doing the prayer together with the head of your Johrei Center !”.

My mother was able to tell me about this meeting with the spiritual world and mysteriously her health improved without much effort. I understood that it was thanks to the dedication  she carried out, that she received permission to have her life saved! The SUPREME GOD, the Messiah Meishu-Sama and her ancestors gave her a new opportunity to fulfill her mission here on earth!

 I also learned  that the Messianic Church has the mission to save, purify and enlight our ancestors, that they are not dead and  can continue to fulfill their mission from the spiritual world together with their descendents!

My commitment is to strenthen my dedication with the net of salvation and to accomplish 100 thousand fully commited members!

I thank GOD, the Messiah Meishu-Sama and my Ancestors for showing me the way to salvation!

Thank you very much!


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