About Johrei

Johrei is the method that enables the focusing of the Divine Light directly upon the spiritual body so it may awaken to the truth of the great Love of God. We refer to this action as effortlessly bringing the soul into its own.


By awakening the Divine nature of human beings, Johrei also strengthens their spirituality and altruism. So, when received with regularity, Johrei transforms spiritual and material disharmony into harmony and empowers humans to deal with their daily challenges by fostering the feeling of gratitude.

Moreover, those who receive Johrei experience improvements in their physical, mental, and spiritual health, and in their spiritual intelligence. They start accumulating virtues and their aura¹ expands, and thus receive more Divine protection.

The primary purpose of Johrei is not to effect physical healing. Johrei is an action that brings about spiritual fulfillment and true happiness on earth.


¹ The aura is like a white mist that involves the spirit and protects it. The wider it is, the greater the protection it affords.

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